A twitterview with Morven Bell

A twitterview with Morven Bell

@ChloeHenderson9: @Morven_B as my bezzie and someone who’s insights I value, can I twitterview you about literature and language in our world today?

@Morven_B: yeah sure xxx

@ChloeHenderson9: do you have time to talk now or should I come back later?

@Morven_B: can talk now x

@ChloeHenderson9: great! An easy, little self-indulgence to start with: what is your favourite word(s), and why?

@Morven_B: Eh I like the word cosy, it’s a lovely word that best describes the feeling of being so comfortable.

@ChloeHenderson9: How would you describe the importance of reading and writing in our everyday lives?

@Morven_B: I think reading is important for today, you need to be able to read for social networking etc so it’s always important

@Morven_B: writing in the sense of pen and paper or literature?

@ChloeHenderson9: both!

@Morven_B: both are important, writing is art in a sense and so it shouldn’t die, and literature will always be important to…

@Morven_B…let people escape, learn, dream

@ChloeHenderson9: What do you think the effects of the internet (twitter,blogging, etc.) are on our literacy and our literature?

@Morven_B: I think they are keeping it alive, although I think more needs to be done to stop text language leaking off the Internet..


@ChloeHenderson9: Do you mourn the loss of the handwritten letter? Or do you like instant digitial responses? Or do you still write letters?

@Morven_B: still write letters, love it, receiving a letter is so precious to me, I feel it’s more personal than anything in the world

@ChloeHenderson9: i’ll have to write you a letter then!

@ChloeHenderson9: Where do you think the value of words, storytelling and all of that beauty sits in our modern world?

@Morven_B: it has huge value, when you are a child stories are how you learn and create your own view of the world…

@Morven_B: I don’t think you ever lose that feeling, words leads to talking which leads to socialising, all important :-)

@ChloeHenderson9: One last little self-indulgence: if there was one book/poem/song/tweet that you think everybody should read, what would it be?

@Morven_B:the book the lovely bones so much better than the film and such a beautiful story :-)

@ChloeHenderson9: thank you very much beautiful crazy girl for letting me twitterview you and gain a little of your insights :)


Morven Bell is one of my oldest, bestest, most awesomely awesomest friend and I am honored to gain a little insight into her opinions so thank you sweetie for letting me twitterview you :) Follow my lovely on twitter at @Morven_B


Chloe out.


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