Edinburgh Zoo – An Ethnographic Study (part 1)

Before heading off the zoo, I wrote a preparation post: Design Tools and an Introduction into Ethnography


I was suprised, wandering around the wet and windy Edinburgh Zoo, just how much I enjoyed being an ethnographer for the day!

Studying humanity, the ways in which we behave in certain ways around certain things with other people or by ourselves or with animals or in groups, with children, with parents, with our love interest, with a school trip, with food, in queues, in cafes, in a penguin parade, gathered around in groups, isolated or left alone, in secret, in the open, with authority figures, with our friends and everything else in between is such a fascinating subject and you don’t need any training, you don’t need any special circumstances to study it. You just need to find some people and watch them!

I’m still in the process of collating my observations from the zoo trip and transferring them into easily readable data (which I will follow up with and Edinburgh Zoo – An Ethnographic Study part 2). But for now I am going to distract you with my photography of cute animals…



We decided this ^ penguin had been naughty and that’s why he was made to stand staring at the wall…… “And no one can stare at the wall as good as you my baby doll”

Can you spot the conjoined zebra…?


Apologies to all the other beautiful animals but the highlight of the trip was definitively Sweetie the giant panda! She was gorgeous! Guttingly Sunshine was not well, so we didn’t get to see him :( I know people always make jokes about pandas being humans in bear suits but I never really thought they did until seeing her in the flesh, if she wasn’t been breathing she looked like nothing more than an over sized black and white teddy bear! And I was sucked in by mindless consumerism to buy a sweet, but useless little stuffed panda toy; but it is cute and a nice little reminder of being lucky enough to see a real panda. Anyhoo, enjoy some okay but not my best shots of sweetie the panda :)

Panda egg. Like a kinder egg. But cuter.

Aww, she was lovely! Just wanted to crawl up and hug her!


Chloe out.


Following on from this Edinburgh Zoo – An ethnographic study (part 2)


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