A twitterview with Katie Newbery

A twitterview with Katie Newbery

@ChloeHenderson: @KatieNewbery as my craziest sheepy friend, can I twitterview you about language and literature in our world today my love?

@KatieNewbery: Of course my lovely, fire away!

@ChloeHenderson: awesome! do you have time to talk now or should I come back later?

30minutes pass……..

@ChloeHenderson: where did ya go?

@KatieNewbery: Oh sorry! Wasn’t on twitter! now?

@ChloeHenderson: I just asked you if you had time now, tiz kay I can come back later?

@KatieNewbery: no no nows fine!

@ChloeHenderson: great! An easy, little self-indulgence to start with: what is your favourite word(s), and why?

@KatieNewbery: Hmm tricky but I like ‘superb.’ The way the p+b sound go together makes it sound so forceful and happy.

you can’t be sad and say it!

@ChloeHenderson: Superb! How would you describe the importance of the internet (twitter,blogging, etc.) are on our literacy and our literature?

@KatieNewbery: I think blogging gives people a lot more freedom to say how they really feel, but does not change the literature we read.

literacy doesn’t also get affected as I know some people who type their statuses/tweets in their dialect

@ChloeHenderson: How would you describe the importance of reading and writing in our everyday lives?

@KatieNewbery: at this stage in our lives I think it’s very important if we hope to succeed at uni but perhaps not at certain stages.

@ChloeHenderson: do you mourn the loss of the handwritten letter? Or do you like instant digitial responses? Or do you still write letters?

@KatieNewbery: my handwriting is so bad I welcome them! Digital responses are instant and more efficient

saying that, I do like to receive lettters from my friends, it feels more personal

@ChloeHenderson: I’ll have to send you a letter then!

@KatieNewbery: Hell yeah you do!

@ChloeHenderson: where do you think the value of words, storytelling and all of that beauty sits in our modern world?

@KatieNewbery: I think we shouldn’t forget the things we are told by others, it keeps culture. We also shouldn’t forget literature from

times before, it shows us how things were and the differences. I wonder if next generations will feel the same about us

@ChloeHenderson: One last little self-indulgence: if there was one book/poem/song/tweet that you think everybody should read, what would it be?

@KatieNewbery: The first two books of Paradise Lost, I still love it.

@ChloeHenderson: thank you so much for letting me twitterview you! You have been a great help my luvver :)

@KatieNewbery: No problem doll xxx

Katie Newbery is one of my most awesomely awesome friends and I greatly value her opinion so thank you k33kz for letting me twitterview you :) Follow the cuite on twitter at @KatieNewbery

Chloe out.


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