A twitterview with Neil Gaiman

A twitterview with Neil Gaiman

@chloehenderson9: @neilhimself as the beautiful British storyman, can I #twitterview you about language and literature in our world today?

@neilhimself: Three questions. Go. #twitterview

@chloehenderson9: Great! A little easy self-indulgence to start with: what is your favourite word(s)?

……………30 minutes pass.

@chloehenderson9: aww @neilhimself where did you go…? Were you distracted by a shiny floating word?

@neilhimself: I am very fond of “Sinople” but have enormous difficulty working it into conversation.

@neilhimself: No, I went off to write.

@neilhimself: You have one more question…

[….. eh heh]

@chloehenderson9: better use it wisely….

@chloehenderson9: Where do you think the value of words and storytelling and all of that beauty sits in our modern world?

@neilhimself: I think that people without stories are not wholly people, & without stories or beauty our modern world is ash & rubble.

@chloehenderson9: beautifully put.

@chloehenderson9: thank you so much for letting me #twitterview you :) I really appreciate your help.

@chloehenderson9: … and well thank you for continuing to make things up and write them down, the world would miss out if you didn’t.

@neilhimself: @amandapalmer You will all be wonderful. Give my love to Chad, @quilken & jherek. Make glorious music.

@neilhimself: You are welcome. I really like the word glorious too. #twitterview

@chloehenderson9: it is a glorious word.


Thank you Neil Gaiman for this little twitterview, you glorious storyman.


Chloe out.

p.s. if you don’t know who Neil Gaiman is then you are really, really missing out, check him out at www.neilgaiman.com

p.p.s if you, like me, didn’t know what “Sinople” meant then here is the definition: A blood-red or brownish-red (with a tinge of yellow) variety of quartz containing inclusions of hematite. I’m going to use it tomorrow!


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