The twitterviews – what? why? and can I get involved?


If you don’t know the term twitterview, it breaks down as twitter interview and it is as simple as that!

I’m conducting a series of twitterviews with as varied a group of people as I can: authors, my friends, people I don’t know, artists, designers, poets, teachers, anybody, everybody and more, about language and literature in our world today.


I want discover what we think and how we feel about all things wordy. This idea was sparked by my current University module which focuses on self and cultural identity; and I chose to look at all things wordy, but in reality I just love everything wordy and have a passion for it so it excites me to figure out how everybody else feels about it as well.

Can I get involved?


I would love to twitterview you.

Or if you know of somebody that you think I should twitterview, let me know that to!

Contact me with a comment on this blog post or tweet me @chloehenderson9 or tweet me @chloehenderson9 just to say hi :)

I would love to hear for you :)

What do you think of my twitterviews?

Chloe out.


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