Sampling, sampling and more sampling… and After Dark

It’s been a busy few weeks making up little bits and pieces of samples to go along with the millions of design ideas that are attacking the insides of my mind. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know the project I’m doing at the moment is about all things wordy and focuses on my personal/national/cultural  identity.

I’m gonna do a sum up blog sometime soon, mostly so I can figure out what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks and where I want it all to go; but for now here are some images of my samples.

I would love some feedback (so I know if I’m doing okay)!!! Please add a comment below :)

Written in the wire

Materials: various kinds of wires and a willing human model.

Instant Nature Brooches

Materials: ink and the natural world.

Wordy Etching Samples

Materials: etched copper

These pieces are just wee samples that I did to test out my etching skillz!

PJ Harvey To Bring You My Love Brooch

Materials: etched copper.

This piece isn’t quite finished yet, I still need to oxidize it and maybe make it more wearable.

Pre acid bath.

In My Mind Brooch

Materials: hand cut brass

Like the PJ Harvey piece, this one isn’t finished yet. I still have more playing around to do!

PJ Harvey and Amanda Palmer combined:

Kind of looks like geometric blood drips.

And I’ll back in the workshop tomorrow doing more samples!!! I love making things but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and confused at the moment. I’m gonna take the weekend to figure myself out……

And here is Le Tigre’s After Dark for your gratifying indulgence :)

Chloe out.


One thought on “Sampling, sampling and more sampling… and After Dark

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