My cultural identity isn’t quite what I think it is.

20120212-194459.jpgI’ve been trying to look at my cultural identity through text (music, poetry, stories, etc.) and I’ve been finding it quite difficult.

I realise I don’t listen to or read anything that’s Scottish. There are a few bits but on the whole it’s English or American (western culture i guess is the sum up of that. Im interested in other cultures but when it comes to reading, writing and music i tend to stick in with my own crowd as it were) literature/music that I find myself in love with.
Does that mean I’m not very patriotic?
I am Scottish. I love my country. I love to travel but I don’t see myself living anywhere else long term. I’ll always wander back home.
So, does that make my cultural identity western?
But I’m still a Scottish chick.
(This is a wee side note. I typed in Scottish Girl into google just so I could add a funny wee image to jazz up this post. This appeared. Everyone loves AN scottish girl. Really? Does it srsly say that.)
My favourite author is Margaret Atwood who is Canadian and my favourite musician is Amanda Palmer who is American and my favourite poet is Sylvia Plath, also American.
Maybe that’s why I’m finding it so difficult to look at wordyness in the Scottishness. I don’t know if I’m trying to justify my love for the art across the pond but our brief doesn’t specify that I look into Scotland it just says that I have to look at my own cultural identity and I am. I am Scottish but with rise of the internet and our new modern world I can access wonders from all over the world. So of course my own culture is influenced by others.
I was just thinking: Amanda Palmer is a lil bit Scottish! Maybe I should just stick with her!
I identity myself with these other cultures, does that make me think any less of my own culture?
If anything it strengthens the bond I have with my Scottishness. I can dip into these other countries and take out the bits that I love and bring them home.
I am still in a relationship with Scotland.
But it’s an open relationship.
I’m free to all the other cultures that may inspire my senses and take hold of my text.
Chloe out.

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