Would you like me to write you a letter?

I’ve just read The Guardian article about authors who are reviving handwritten letters.

Love it.

There are very few people who still write letters. There are few people I still handwrite things to.

It makes a beautiful beautiful change to typing an email, it reinforces my love for words and for the people I’m writing to. You get to see a little snippet of the person writing that you don’t see with an email. And how do you feel when there is something for you in the mail? Loved. It’s such a comforting feeling recieving something in the mail, and finding a something handwritten makes me feel even warmer.

I want to write letters.

Would you like me to write you a letter?

It might be a little postcard, a poem, a print with something scribbled over the top or a 20 page monologue but it will be written in my hand.

Email me with your address and the subject line SEND ME A LETTER at chloehen21@aol.com and wait excitedly by the mail box until your letter arrives. I’ll include a return address if you want to write back.

We all want beautiful letters like this (that last one is an example of my handwriting in my recent artworks. It might look like what you will receive from me! I doodle as much as I write. And the one before that is the front of an actual letter that I have already sent out) ^ I’m excited to actually handwriting some letters and exercising my penmanship, and hopefully getting some letters back. And it is so simple. Such an easy joy. And you don’t even need to do anything. Just email be a place to send the letter and that’s it! I await by my inbox anticipating your email :D

Chloe out.


8 thoughts on “Would you like me to write you a letter?

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    1. I find it hard to argue that one because yeah I do want to save the planet! I want to save the world!
      But, I’m not suggesting you write every single thing you want to say to people down on paper… just the special things. For example, a love letter or you only see a certain friend every 3 years but you could send them a postcard every few months… for things like that I don’t think it is a waste of paper. If you gave me your address and I sent you a beautiful letter would you think it a waste of paper? or would you appreciate it for what it is?
      There is far worse wastage of paper around the world… I don’t think I’m really contributing to that.
      If it makes you feel better I tend to use old photographs, postcards or a collage of offcuts from my art projects; so when I send you a letter it is recycled!
      Would you like me to write you a letter?

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