Jewellers using text in their work.

I was wanting to look for jewellers who use text their work because that is what I am focusing on for my Border Crossings uni project, but I couldn’t seem to find many, well, many that I was truly inspired by. Is that because there aren’t any or am I just looking in the wrong places (or was it just because I was sleepy when I was trying to search)? If you know of any jewellers (or artists for that matter) who use text in their work or jewellers (artists) who use wordy things (stories, poetry, lyrics, etc.) as inspiration or jewellers who are using illustration in their work please drop me a comment (even it if just one piece), I would really appreciate you’re help :)

Anyhoo, here are a few that I found:


Kevin Coates

His actual pieces don’t have text on them, but I really liked this way of displaying the brooches. It has the illustrative qualities that I’m drawn too; little rough sketches combined with beautiful drawings and lots of words.


Iona McCuiag

The text in these works is quite minimal, it’s the story-telling that appeals to me in these works and the simplicity (and the cupcake of course!).


Ingeborg Vandamme

This work looks at capturing pieces of text like love letters in a wearable item. I love the idea of using a letter or a piece of text that is a personal to somebody and capturing, either the original piece or a representation of those valued words into jewellery that can be carried around, and kept close to the heart. Everybody has letters or words that matter a lot to them and it would be nice to keep them as something more permanent, as a little reminder around your neck.


Gwen Hosker

I like the transparency in these pieces. The clear wiry lettering is really beautiful, it looks twirly and scratchy like my own writing.


Becky Crow

Although this work doesn’t contain physical text it has a beautiful illustrative quality, I feel like I know the story she is weaving just looking at these simple little beauties. I think I’m going to combine and illustrative element like this with they physical text I have come to love.


Zoe Duthrie

I love how this work seems to really capture memories, especially with the traditional and contemporary mix of materials.


Bionic Dingo “Natural Histories

I like how the shape of the animal is broken up by the text, also a successful way of adding text into a jewellery piece.


Nicola Jacquard “Letters and Notes

These little boxes contain folded up letters. As a way of containing words that are meaningful to the wearer I think these are beautifully simple. Something like this would be easy to accomplish and there could be so many variations, although I really like these paper boxes I can also something in metal (something more durable and permanent).


Solveiga & Alfredas Kriviciai

There is just something about this piece that I really really like. It’s so passive aggressive. I love it. I want one.


Check out my “Text in Art” pinterest board for all the images I have collected for this project.

Chloe out.


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