“Art shouldn’t have to change to accommodate ignorance” Thank you intelligent people of the internet for restoring some of my faith in our mindless humanity. There was a stupid about of hate generated from these images, it’s great to see someone being positive and supportive in Amanda’s amazing art.

Sj7g09's Blog

I stumbled across these images of Amanda Palmer, as one tends to when typing “Amanda Palmer naked” into Google. In the current media state, it seems like a lot of photographs of naked celebrities are appearing online, but every case I’ve read of so far cites that the photos were leaked by someone who managed to hack the celebrity’s phone – I like that Amanda says nothing of the sort, never trying to excuse it. In fact, she posted the images herself on her Twitter account.

I’ve found the reaction to them very interesting, and something that has really influenced my line of thinking at the moment. It seems that peoples’ only comments on them are that she was wrong to post them because ‘she has hairy armpits’ or ‘she looks like a man’ – one post goes as far as to say “I have no idea why she  has…

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