The beginning of the Identity project.

The first project in this terms work is self identity. We are to collect together images and produce a series of drawings on a part of our identity, on something that gets us excited!

I’m working on words. How we express ourselves through words. The origins and meanings of words. The shapes and patterns of words. And most importantly, how I can interpret words (either singles words or poems, songs, stories, etc.) into visual images.

I’m having so much fun!

Check out my Pinterest Text Board for more images of my contextual text content! Here are a few of my favorite images to get you started:

Here are the first few images of my sketchbook (I will update with the rest later when I can find my camera!):

Chloe Henderson (Little pink ballet dancer)

Chloe Henderson (Big purple faery)

I’m really getting into this work. I love writing, I love reading, I love words, and I love expressing myself with the written word. Maybe that all comes from my inability to from coherent verbal sentences….

First life drawing session of this term didn’t go too badly! I liked some of my drawings, others a little meh…. What do you think of them?

Our first workshop of the term was all about felting. I’ve never felted before. It was a little childish but very soothing and quite fun.

Felting is a really easy technique to learn.

1. Collect your materials: various colours of merino tops, assorted wools, other fabric inclusions, polypropylene sheet or an old pillowcase, needle and thread, cotton string, cling film, moulds and a washing machine.

2. Layer various colours of merino tops either in a flat pattern, surrounding a ball, etc. or scrunched up into clingfilm or a plastic bag. For flat pieces, lay flat onto the polypropylene sheet or an old pillowcase until you are happy with the pattern and thickness (bearing in mind that in shrinks when washed) and sew up the material with cotton thread ensuring it is as tight as possible. For balls and other shapes, wrap in clingfilm or plastic as tight as possible with cotton string and poke holes in the plastic to allow water in.

3. Wash your felts. Normal 40degree cycle for flat pieces with standard washing powder and boil wash the 3D pieces.

4. Take out machine. Take out of coating. Leave to dry. Create whatever you want with you pieces (felt is a surprisingly strong material).

Here are my first time felting samples:

Will update with more of my identity later, for now check out my Pinterest Identity board.

Chloe out.


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