What does my room say about me?

For our Change by Design Christmas homework we have been asked to photograph our bedrooms (uncleaned, with no tidying up beforehand, basically just as they are when we are living in them, so for me: an organized mess) so that, when we get back we can assess each other’s images and figure out what our rooms say about our personalities and what we are as humans. I’m excited to get back and find out what my room does say about me. I find it fascinating that you can tell so much about a person from their living space.

So, what does my room say about me?

No, really, let me know. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of me from my room (say anything. I wont be offended. Just be truthful my luvvers):

I love my room. It is the best place in the world. My true home. The only place I feel safe. The most comfortable place in the world. I miss it when I’m not there. It has all my things in it. It is a perfect space. With a beautiful view. And it is mine. It is me.

Well I hoped you liked my room and are suitably jealous of it’s awesomeness!!! Please lemme know what you think my rooms says about me!

Please and thank you very much :D

Chloe out.


6 thoughts on “What does my room say about me?

  1. What a great topic to chose for a post in a blog! I was looking for something else, but fell for your post!!! What does it say about you? Well, teenage girl (13-16 years of age), interested in arts as writing, drawing, painting, love cats, has a girlish attitude, has a idol (some singer most likely), is a bit spoiled by her parents, loves to read, loves light colors especially pink. Messy girl with a bout appetite for life.

    1. Thanks for your reply.
      I never assumed I would come across as girly.
      Or a young teenager for that matter.
      I’m actually 18 (almost 19)!
      I think that means it’s time for me to have a clean out!

  2. Choice of colours and features of your bedroom are interesting like the window. Looks like an artist’s studio/bedroom so it’s how it should be :)

    1. Your room says to me that you are artistic, dreamy, futuristic yet charmed by the past. Your cozy, lofty but have a corner of your life reserved for the edgy. You aren’t afraid of fantasy and you dream a lot. You aren’t controlling and you are expressive through medium, but maybe shy is public. You aren’t tied by one country and enjoy a multitude of cultures. :) That’s what I see. Fun blog post, thanks.

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