In Bristol everybody can hear you scream!

As a beautiful start to our New Year celebrations Simon Arnold bravely volunteered his very hairy chest to be waxed by the small, cute and slightly sadistic Liz Berry to raise money for St.Margaret’s Hospice who cared for her mum. Liz has set up a Just Giving page so the whole world can donate to her wonderful cause:

“My mum, Jenny Donnelly was such a fantastic person.  She had time for everyone and loved gardening.  She was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in October 2010, which affected her eating and speaking. Unfortunately her condition deteriorated fast, and St Margaret’s Hospice cared for mum when she died in November 2011.  She was admitted distressed and in pain, and the priority of the hospice was to make her comfortable and pain free.  The staff cared for her with compassion and humour, and allowed us to be with her and care for her as we had been doing at home. The staff allowed us to live there with mum, and we were all there when she died. Her death was very peaceful, and although it was very sad, as a family we were so comforted by the fact that she did not suffer.”

Find her page here and donate with love <3

And if you needed anymore reasons here is my photos of Simon’s ordeal and a screamtastic video courtesy of ‘arris films!


Loved it!

Chloe out.


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