Tips from one twit to another.

Yes, this is a TOP 10 guide to get more followers on Twitter.

Why do we want more followers?

Because we are narcissistic attention-whores who need constant ego strokes to not feel bad about life, but most importantly we just want to feel loved and part of something more than ourselves.

I like to think of myself as a “good tweeter”. Rarely do I post self-indulgent idiotic ravings (I do do it. But I try to keep my self indulgence to a minimum….. well I try to at least keep the idiocy to a minimum…). I want my Twitter to be so much more than my stupid stream of consciousness.

My want for more  followers stems from (not only to fulfill my need for more “friends” to stave off the loneliness) my want to share beauty with you, to make something beautiful happen. I want to share things that matter to me with you.

I want to start a beautiful revolution.

I want to inspire the world one twit at a time. I’m doing this already (to say I’m inspiring you is blowing my own trumpet a little but I’m doing my best), but I only have a 100 or so followers, so I’m barely making a dent in the world. For example, I really really want my Mum’s (or Mrs. Candy Cupcake as she is now known) new business Candy Cupcake to succeed, so I tweet about her. Then my 100 followers read that and the ones who are in Edinburgh maybe go for a cupcake. That is not enough! I need millions of followers to get the message across that Mrs. Candy Cupcake makes the best cupcakes in the whole freaking Universe! And, if you don’t believe me here is some photographic proof:

And if you still don’t believe me then go and get one. Really, go and get one. They are amazing. Srsly.

Yes. we want more followers because we are attention-whores. But we also want the love, to share the beauty and to feel connected. So, here are a few of the tips I have used to increase my Twitter friends from just my mum to 100.

1. Have a genuine name or at least a clever/funny one. I don’t like anonymity because it tends to spread hate. Use your real name. People will feel closer to you with a real name. But, if you do go down the path of anonymity don’t choose some obscure name that nobody will get, make it witty (really witty), or related to your twitter needs, e.g. the fail whale @twitterwhale corrects your fuck up tweets, so his name suits him. Be a human!

2. Use #hashtags. Try and use hashtags in the majority of your posts. Not in all of them, then you become annoying and nobody will follow you! Also, try to use just one hashtag, more than one is also annoying, unless you are going for some form of comedy, then it is acceptable. Using hashtags makes you more findable  by other tweeters and connects you with their interests/streams of thought. For example, I’m a fan of the #LOFNOTC because I can join in with the Losers Of Friday Night On Their Computers and we then follow each other because we are losers.

3. Use the trends. Look over into the right column and see what is trending. Add the hashtag to your tweet and comment on it (of course you can’t comment on all of them because you might not know what they are, etc. but most of the time it’s a worldwide thing). It does help if you make either an intelligent comment  or an amusing one, if you’re creative enough or witty enough then you will really be able to use the trends to your advantage. For example I got in on the #hurricanbawbag trend because it was awesome! and three people from Scotland followed me :)

4. Link you with Twitter. Most people have other web-based interactions, ie. Facebook, WordPress, personal websites, etc. so either have your @name displayed or link that platform in with twitter, e.g. I get my Twitter updates posted to Facebook. The wider your cyber net the more likely people will find you. Also, if you have a business card/poster/shop or some way of advertising yourself, make sure to add your @name to it.

5. Tweet often but not too often. Nobody likes the guy who never tweets because he is way too cool or too busy living his awesome amazing life to update us poor pathetic tweeters, but nobody likes the guy who tweets every five minutes because he just ate a really amazing biscuit and it was so amazingly amazing that he just had to post about it 5 times. You need to find the balance between these 2 unacceptable tweeters. I’m not going to suggest a number to stick to because they’re isn’t one. Days are changeable. Today I might post 1 thing, tomorrow it might be 20. You will find your own balance.

6. Tweet at “famous” tweeters or tweeters who have a lot of followers. If you are tweeting something witty, something they are likely to be interested in or a question then chances are they will retweet or tweet back (but don’t harass them if they don’t!), and then one of their fans will see that they have tweeted you and will then assume that you are awesome and worthy of a follow, because anything @AmandaPalmer or @StephenFry or @ChloeHenderson9 (yeah, I’m famous) or @MargaretAtwood thinks is deserving of a tweet must therefore be deserving of my attention!

7. Tweet at the right time. Figure out when your groups of tweeters are online and tweet then. It obviously varies a lot, but if you figure out a general “peak time” – mostly when twitter decides to be “over capacity” – you will be getting your tweets out to more people. For me it tends to be just after dinner but that’s just me!

8. Follow other twits. Through this people will follow you back or shared interest follows appear. Don’t just follow people to get followers (nobody likes that), follow them because you want to. I have found twitter friends through shared interest follows, e.g. met an Amanda Palmer fan by following @AmandaPalmer on twitter who I now tweet with regularly. Retweet and promote other tweeters. Use the #FF (follow friday).

9. Be nice to your followers. I think that point is simple enough! Thank them for following you. Visit their profile to see if you want to follow them. Reward them with interesting/funny/witty/intelligent tweets. Just spread the love.

10. Think about what you are tweeting. This is probably the most important point! Don’t fill your tweets with too much (in little doses some of this is okay) shameless self promotion/what you are eating/boringingness/nastiness/and stuff you know interests you but nobody else cares about. Here are a few examples of bad tweets “I’m bored” “I’m eating an orange” “Check out my new blog” “Check out my new blog” “Check out my new blog” “Check out my new blog” “Check out my new blog” “Check out my new blog” “You’re a £~*@ for liking @$£%&* and you deserve to £$%&*@? die!!!!!!” and here is Amanda Palmer at The Shorty Awards 2011 – Singing “Most Amusing Tweets of the Year” for some examples of real tweets (most of which are just funny fails rather than unacceptable fails), e.g. @bpglobalpr catastrophe is a strong word, let’s just agree to call it a whoopsidaisy. or @50cent I can’t believe my grandmothers making me take out the garbage. I’m rich, fuck this. I’m going home. I don’t need this shit.

Of course we all love a good twitter fuck up to laugh at, just try not to be the one we are laughing at! Aim to be laughed with! Here is a list within a list of good tweeting skills:

1. Ask and respond to questions.

2. Be humorous.

3. Be informative by providing useful/interesting information and news.

4. Use proper language skills. Do not tweet lik diz cuz it is reelly anoyin innit baybeeeecakes!

5. Tweet about the interesting and the beautiful things in your real life.

Well I hope this was useful to you. It’s just my take on getting followers, but what do I know? I only have 100 followers or so! If you didn’t enjoy this tell me why, give me your useful tips! Or visit which I used when I first started tweeting.

Oh, and FUCKING FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @ChloeHenderson9 Thank you :)

Chloe out.


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