Shivers through my soul. Busy busy busy! Weird plant hair piece.

Thought I would share (and totally recommend the album “Let England Shake”) PJ Harvey’s “On Battleship Hill” because it is such a beautiful song, it is one of those few songs that makes me want to close my eyes when I listen to it so I can be completely filled with the sound. It’s her voice in the start, it just makes me melt; hearing it live was unreal, it sent shivers through my soul.

Oh man, I have been so busy with all these presentation boards and assessments and assignments and oh my so much work to be done! Hopefully it will pay off and I will get good marks…….”Even if you’re grades are bad it doesn’t mean you’re failing” I think I’ll just remember that. Will post pictures if my finished work when it is finished!

For now, here is my weird plant hair pieces, well part of it anyway – it technically doesn’t yet have a form of attachment to the head but it will do soon and I will wear it with pride!

 Square piece of sheet copper (different sizes for each section – 6×6 9×9 and 12×12 cm)

 Etch in the basic shape (lines drawn diagonally, horizontally and vertically with each line crossing the central point).

   Scratch into the shape drawn to create a drawn quality to one surface of the metal.

   Saw the shape out.    Now comes the bit that’s good for anger management! Hammering time! Use any round ended hammer to create circular marks within the metal surface, ensuring the whole piece is covered.

  Use a doming block to form the shape.

 Anneal the metal pieces to give them that beautifully clean pink copper colour.

     And the finished pieces should look like that! Of course you would then find some clever way to attach them (I think I would either rivet the pieces or string wire through them to give it a loose fitting because I like the movement between the three components and the metal makes a beautiful sound when it clinks together) and then add a copper hairclip to the base!

 I wanted to see what it would look like as a hair piece so I have strung this into my hair to show as an example.

 This is my wee maquette as a hairclip.

What do you think? Tweet me @chloehenderson9

Chloe out.


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