Christmas Day with the Cupcakes!


You are fucking beautiful.

You are beautiful no matter what you think.
Or that Is at least what I want the whole world to believe. To believe in themselves. To believe that they are truly beautiful.
Not just to believe that the they are but to feel it.
I like to preach about natural beauty. It would be wonderful if we all felt confident and pretty enough to walk around naked (weather permitting of course, I am a bloody Scottish bird!), with flowing real hair, no makeup, no fake tan, real nails, real eyelashes, real faces, real boobs, real labias, real muscles, fucking real everything!
But the world is not like that.
We need that fake shit to make us feel better about ourselves.
And that’s fine.
If you need to wear eyeliner and dye your hair red to make yourself feel like a sexy motherfucker when you walk down the street then that is fine. Do it. But don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for yourself.
But limit yourself. Nobody wants to look like Katy Price. Wear your foundation but don’t apply with and industrial paintbrush.
I’m writing this because it’s Christmas time. It’s winter. I’ve put on chocolate weight and I’m feeling a little shitty. I’m trying to make myself feel better by pretending it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t. I’ll lose the weight and I’ll be fine. I might still be an ugly fuck. But that is okay. My blue eyeshadow and purple hair and low-cut clevage enhancing top make it all okay.
I think the message in there was you are beautiful no matter what you look like and no matter how you feel about.
As long as you are “inwardly beautiful” and I use that phrase cheesily, basically if you’re not a bitch you are beautiful.
And I love you.

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Have a fucking amazing New Year my luvvers!!! Have a jug of cider on me!

Chloe out.

P.s. cider and chocolate make everything better :D

Christmas Eve.

After a hard mornings work at Candy Cupcake, Mrs Cupcake and I headed for The Dome to meet up with the rest of the cupcakes for lunch/dinner, which is starting to become The Henderson’s Christmas Eve traditions. The Dome is so beautiful throughout the year but during the hollydays it is just magical.

We took a walk down into Edinburgh’s Christmas Market (another little tradition) and munched on some lovely warm sugared buts, breathed in the tempting scents of mulled wine and listened to the sounds of laughter, happy families and festive merriment.

And Happy Hollydays to the resiliant occupiers who were still camped out over the festive season.


It was a beautiful Christmas Eve.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. and Jamie Cupcake for making it so.

Chloe out.


Yesterday I properly cleaned out my room, and I mean properly! Such a good feeling to see it all tidy :)

I came across a poem that I wrote when I was younger in an old box of shoes… not sure why it was there! I did find quite a lot of weird things in weird places! Anyway, I can’t have been older than 5 or 6 when I wrote this poem, judging by the excellent standard of handwriting! and slightly wrinkled paper (I hope I wasn’t any older!). I’m happy to say that my writing skills have slightly improved since then!

So, here is is. The best piece of poetry you will ever read in your whole life. Ever.



Magpies sometimes steal bright things

and take them away

going round the garden

People like to see them in the garden

People like to see them in the garden

even on an autumn’s day


Yeah, you’re jealous of my skillz.

Chloe out.