Every blogger/tweeter or whatever you are should listen to this!

Listen to what she is saying!

I agree with pretty much everything she says (as I am an Amanda Palmer drone…). I think the basic/most important message is, yes feel free to vent, but some stuff is just off limits, so know where to draw your own lines and focus on the happy stuff in your life. Yes, you might want help with a problem, but if that problem is something that is going to hurt someday else or damage the situation further then just don’t go there. And with that, people are not going to read your blog if your whining about how much of a bitch your sister is. The internet may give you an anonymous platform to throw your hate at someone but if you really feel that all your problems will be solved by being nasty/degrading/devaluing/spiteful/hateful and every other form of horrible you can be to people you do not even know then you shouldn’t be allowed to own a computer – go and throw plates in a field, don’t bring the rest of the world down.

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Chloe out.

Virtual hugs all round :D


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