I just want to be an artist!

The more I think about it the more I just want to be an artist. I thought I picked jewellery because I just wanted to make stuff, make beautiful stuff and also make a living out of it, being a successful artist seemed more difficult and on a par to being a rock star (still my dream….ah…..if only….). But I don’t think jewellery making is for me. My doubts have only surfaced recently, and I just thought it was because the course is a bit meh and I wasn’t really connecting with the mediums but I realize now it is more than that. I JUST WANT TO BE AN ARTIST AND CREATE BEAUTY!!! Of course I’m going to stick with the jewellery until the end of term, I’m not going to the waste the place I was so lucky to get (especially within the current education climate) and hopefully I will have an epiphany and realize jewellery is for me, but as I said, I have my doubts and think I will end up having to chat with my tutors about a course switch before the end if the year!

Well, that was nice to get out of my mind.


And for something a little more lighthearted: a panda sneezing ><


Oooo and check out this awesome designy thing that I want:

 It’s a bath plug! Isn’t it awesome?! Buy here. Would love to freak out my mum next time she goes to use my bath!

Chloe out.



3 thoughts on “I just want to be an artist!

  1. It will all work out and I think you have a talent for jewellery design, give it time and whatever you decide to do you will be brilliant at it, we love you very much and are very proud of you……please switch your bloody phone on!!!!

  2. Hey! so I found this blog post really interesting….you probably think your just ‘venting’ but really, I think we all get that feeling of oh-my-gawd-what-am-i-doing?!? I know I have those days occasionally, thankfully less and less as I think I’m finally getting into the swing of things. I guess my point is, don’t worry – your not the only one thinking this and other people have probably been relieved to read it :D stick it out for a bit, see how it goes, and if it doesn’t work out, change. at least then you’ll have those experiences to bring into another discipline! a friend of mine has actually just changed (literally last week) from 4th year TBA to do 2nd year animation and he’s loving it, but doesn’t regret doing TBA first. so yeah. sorry for my ramballings and i hope it all works out for you :)

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