If blogs could talk…

I had totally forgotten about this little task KATE set us until I was going over some of my lecture notes!

SHE asked us to look at three different blogs/websites and decide what they would be like if they were a person, and then look at our own and  answer the same question. I’ve decided to start by using three words to describe each one, and then looking a little further into them.

1. www.thestylerookie.com quirky. retro. passionate.

The first image we see is low resolution banner with flowers,vases and lots of sparkly jewels which has a vintage feel to it. The layout is a crisp white and clean. When you get into the blog itself, the crisp white remains but it becomes more energetic and full of this girls life. The image she chooses to represent herself seems quite fitting, but also a little contradicting to her blogging:

 It shows her as quite a young girl (I’m not sure how old she is, it doesn’t say, but from some more recent pictures she doesn’t look much older than that), emphasized by the toy rabbit, which seems a little odd as her posts are full of insight and mature thought (and she is a magazine editor!). The word quirky comes to mind. It is clear from the images used throughout the posts that stylerookie is inspired by the retro (cars, clothes, films, etc.) and she is clearly quite fashion conscious <– more alternative than mainstream and floating with the vintage. Her blogging is focused, although obviously centered around her own thoughts and interests it all hangs around similar themes which she is obviously passionate about and very driven. She seems like an interesting person, and her blog reflects that – It’s one I’ve added to my google reader!

2. www.designsponge.com homemade. “traditional modern”. craft.

The first image we see is a tangle of warm purpley ribbons, which is the theme that holds the site together. The background is a grainy slate. The posts are full of imaged and like stylerookie it is clearly driven and focused on arts and crafts. The projects and the other artists she focuses on all value the homemade, which is clear from the images used and the way she beautifully describes her, and others work. I get the impression that she is quite traditional, or “modern traditional” which is expressed through the crafting images mixed with the contemporary looking site.

3. www.daringfireball.net masculine. focused. intelligent.

This blog is so different from the previous two, it is a clean-cut grey with white text and very few images. He gets straight to the point through text with no pretty inclusions. Is that because it is a guy writing this one? Maybe.The overall impression is masculine. Alike to the other two he is focused and clearly passionate about what he writes. I get the impression he is intelligent and tech-savvy. The only downside to all this text and clean setting it that it appears very impersonal, the only glimpse we get of him is the words he types (maybe that is his goal).

What does my blog say about me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this because you probably notice more about it than I do (you could also check out my main website www.chloehenderson.co.uk), but here is a little self-analysis:

it tells you that I’m a massive Amanda Palmer fan, I think I blog about her fairly frequently. It tells you that I like beauty, art and love and want to connect the world together through them – or it should anyway; that is my goal! My blog/website is me. I am “my brand”. I don’t separate my “professional” side from myself, so hopefully my site comes across as me (just a little less shy than in real life!). My posts are total rambles, they are more streams of thought than properly set out english, with paragraphs and whatnot. I really liked purple….

I would love to say that my blogs are effortless and amazing but I work hard at them, I think I spend more time thinking about what to blog than what I should be thinking about…. still not sure if that is a good thing or not…? I don’t think I’m quite there on the list of blogs you must add to your google readers but I’m trying to be! The shy little girl inside just wants people to like me.

Chloe out.


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