Fidelity. Leafy cuttings progress. Naked people. Mr. Cupcake

Thought I would share this beautiful music video from Regina Spektor (Fidelity)

It’s so beautiful. Especially the end, with all that colour!

I’ve finally finished cutting out my aluminum leaf!!! Excited? Very.

Here is my progress so far:

 Drill holes in the pieces that are to be cut out.

 Painstakingly saw out each little segment (there are 29)!

 First half done, sleepy time…

  3 packs of saw blades and a lot of cursing later we have a finished cut out leaf, complete with vein pattern. I still have to sand it down and buff it up (maybe add a texture…) and decide whether I want to make it into a cuff, a head piece or a brooch but for now I am very proud with my efforts. I also know how much effort is put into hand cut work and will regard it with the deepest respect from now on!

I’ve not updated with any life drawing images in a while, so here is some work from the last few sessions.

The first three images are from a life drawing session where our models were dressed in tinfoil and looked a little like a kid that has been dressed as a robot for halloween by their mum meets the tin man from the wizard of oz.


These next images are from a session where we had one model who moved every 5/10 minutes and we had to produce quick flowing drawings of the movement expressed through the shifts in positions.


I made these Mr.Cupcake cufflinks for my daddy’s birthday! Now, he has something to wear when he is working with Mrs. Cupcake at Candy Cupcake!

Chloe out.


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