Student Designer – Business:Designed a follow up blog.

Thought I would write a little blog post with my follow up thoughts on Business:Designed (here’s my previous blog if you missed it).

Firstly I’ll add all the bits and pieces that I’ve found relating to the day:

Great article from The Guardian about the day, and in particular the “Digital media” topic:

“Many of the ideas that came out of the session sounded viable and interesting – it certainly felt like a Dragon’s Den environment as students challenged each other, and I half-wished we had a Duncan Bannatyne figure to declare “I’m in” for some of the strongest ones – it would have been really cool to see some of these things get prototyped even further.” [more]

Short vimeo clip from Student Designers introducing the day:

Short youtube clip from Student Designers featuring the day’s highlights:

Blog post from Angelia Santangeli

“I found the whole day amazing, 40 students had one day to come up with 9 businesses, and we did it! I was so proud of everyone, such hard workers and some really wonderful ideas. It was also brilliant to meet students from all years, unis and disciplines. I would love the opportunity to work with student designer in the future. “[more]

Blog post from Matt Stitt

“One thing that stood out was the attention to detail and vision that everyone displayed. These weren’t generic business models; they were captivating ideas that showed a real understanding of the users and provoked discussion about the little things that make the big things work well.” [more]

Blog post from Paula Grubb

“Overall it was a very interesting day not because I helped to design one potential business but because I helped generated ideas for 8 businesses!” [more]

And the #sdbd is still going on twitter.


I value everything I learnt from the day. I realize now that it’s the techniques used to generate the businesses that have stayed with me rather than the ideas. Although the ideas that we developed were great, they were in the moment and very specific to the day, and in the the long run the techniques were transferable skills that I have already used in my life. For example, I’ve learnt not to be so precious and protective of my ideas and to develop them better or alter them if they aren’t working, instead of sticking to something because it is/the original. I’ve used this especially within the Change by Design assignments that we have been set in correlation with our RSA briefs. When researching and thinking about the mid-life topic we were set I’ve been looking into all the avenues within my path of research (education in mid-life) and not just the original thoughts we had come up with. It’s been an idea that has really stuck with me and I’m grateful to Business:Designed/Alex for sticking that idea in my mind! So, now I consider all thoughts even if they don’t fit in with my original ideas. And of course I still love post-its!

Chloe out.


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