Fuck off, I’m a hairy woman!

Just watched Fuck off, I’m a hairy woman! with Shazia Mirza and am currently loving my very hairy legs!

(an image from My Thought For The Day blog)

I want to see the beauty in everything, it’s one of my ideals/the things I strive  for and I don’t think hairy woman are unsexy… The stigma around a hairy chick is that she doesn’t take care of herself/is an activist/is a feminist/is a lesbian/is unhygienic. And all of these are lumped together in the negative. Being an activist/feminist/lesbian is not a bad thing, nor are they all the same thing! On the other-hand not taking care of yourself is a bad thing, but not shaving your pits  doesn’t mean you aren’t taking care of yourself; I have to wash my hair everyday because it gets really greasy and nasty if I don’t, my mum washes her once every few days because her hair doesn’t need washed as frequently, but that doesn’t mean she takes less care of herself than I do. Also, how can not shaving be unhygienic!? It grows their naturally! And it grows to protect the sensitive areas from bacteria, and being too clean can be exactly the opposite of hygenic.

This show was perhaps just a start to making body hair more acceptable, but at least we are starting somewhere.

(beautiful street art celebrating feminine hairy parts by Sandrine Boulet)

I’m generally quite an unconfident person and have never quite been body loving, but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve always been of the opinion that fashion/skinny dying models/”women’s” magazines/and all of that bollocks doesn’t matter to me, but when it’s shoved at me everywhere it’s difficult to ignore “the perfect woman” that I’m expected to be. Actually that was one of the things that shocked me on the programme, I always assumed this lack of hair was a modern thing but when Shazia went around the art gallery looking at ancient hairless chicks in the art I realized the hairless beauty has been around forever! It makes me want to go and paint a hairy naked chick. I quite liked the idea that the artist (I forget her named) in the show was trying to get across with her hairy lingerie, but unfortunately I don’t think the actual pieces she did were quite well done enough to put the sexy image across, but I guess it was all in the idea, which if you “get” art was fine but as a message that needs to spread out into the world us hairy fuckers need to start showing the fuzzy sexiness in beautiful ways and make it appealing… I don’t have all the answers to how to do this but I’m sure some creative people will manage!


I’d love to hear anybodies thoughts on hairy women… so drop a comment or send me links to your blogs. Beauty is my ideal and any ideas on it are good ideas so get in touch! Tweet me @chloehenderson9 #hairychicks


And get hairy!!!


I will leave you with a proud hairy awesome woman and her beautiful Map of Tasmania


Chloe out.


16 thoughts on “Fuck off, I’m a hairy woman!

  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Actually rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve got hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the problem is something that not enough individuals are speaking intelligently about. I’m very comfortable that I stumbled across this in my search for one thing referring to this.

  2. I thoroughly agree. Beauty is subjective, and so people shouldn’t feel the need to conform to society’s idea of what beauty is. The diversity of beauty is endless, and it can be found in practically everything. :)
    I admire hairy women a great deal…they are very inspiring. The way society puts gender into tidy little boxes is annoying. For instance, I enjoy crossdressing and so shave my legs, which isn’t seen as “normal” for males to do. But what’s so bad about it?

    1. Ahhh but what is normal?
      Unfortunately we (as humanity) will always point out what we don’t think is “normal” and pick on it… natural but cruel. I wish we could get past our own natures but from the look of the world out there it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.
      Instead all we can do is send out our love and hope for it in return.
      Enjoy defying “normality” and do whatever makes you happy… in the end that is all that counts :)

  3. I just watched part of Shazia Mirza’s television show, and I have to say it was a hypocritical atrocity. First of all, there is nothing wrong with being a hairy woman. Women can look however they want to, and no one is forcing them to shave/wax. Yes, there is pressure to remove hair, but only the same pressure there is on men to be tall, handsome and muscular. While I agreed with Shazia’s concerns over the pressure being put on young girls to look a certain way, the way she went about the show was terrible. Rather than concentrate on the pressure put upon younger women, she seemed obsessed with her own plight, complaining about how she ‘has to shave’ when really she is under no obligation to (and as a grown woman, should be less vulnerable to the social pressure than young girls, and therefore be able to make her own decisions). I was forced to turn the television off after her outrageous bout of hypocrisy, describing a woman in a painting as ‘fat and ugly’. This comment, when conducting a show about how women should be able to look how they want, what so ignorantly ironic that I really questioned if she is intelligent enough to be presenting this sort of show.

    1. Can’t say i disagree, she did seem to be sending mixed messages, and it did piss me off when she commented on that woman in the painting being ugly and a few other comments; if you’re going to make a show about women being able to feel confident about the natural state of their bodies, but doing it selectively is not the way to go. However, in my post i just decided to focus on the more positive aspects of the show!

  4. You post a video featuring fully shaved women wearing fake pubic hair to an insignificant blog post about hairiness where you conclude “get hairy”. You’re pathetic.

    1. Everything is insignificant… we are all going to die. However, while we’re here on earth my blog is pretty damn significant to me.
      The song is based on the Australian euphimism “show us your map of tasmania” which tends to be hurled out of moving cars by idiot men at women… the song makes light of that as well as the singers own views on pubic hair…. being hairy or not is all about choice (a point i didn’t cover here), so if you choose to celebrate hairy vaginas by jazzing them up with glitter and allsorts in a music video (while being unshaven at the same time) to get your point across in an amusing manner, that’s fine. Wanna shave your legs but not your vagina? That’s fine. Wanna shave off your eyebrows but not your underarms? That’s fine. Want to post a blog with your comments but hairy women and the beauty standard? That’s fine. Wanna shave nothing? That’s fine. Wanna shave everything? That’s fine.
      You know what’s not fine? Being a dick to other people with the security of the internet.
      Fuck off, we don’t need you here.

  5. I was fuming when she said in the art gallery those women were fat and ugly now i want to see a programme about ” fuck off im curvy” wonder how she would have felt if i said your ugly because your hairy, turned it off immediately how can someone preach about one trend then condemn not being another, was offended as im 11 stone a normal bmi but considered fat by many and i would look just as curvy as “fat” women in the painting, sick of women judging others on one area then preaching about another its so normal to say fat as a derogative thing, “those fat ugly women” were the beauties of the time. Just annoyed

    1. I totally agree with you. More than a little hypocritical of her. I loved the general message of the whole show, it’s a start to getting the natural states of our bodies looked upon as well fucking natural and beautiful! But ALL aspects of our natural beauties need to be accepted; picking and choosing is not the way to go, exclusion is not the way to go.
      Thanks for picking up on that, it was something i forgot to mention in this post.

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