Wire bits. Hinges. Boxes. Leafy cuttings. And a plan for a bowl…

As I was a little bit dead for a week I haven’t done all that much in the workshops recently. But I have messed around with wire:




I’ve also drawn out a wee plan for a bowl type thing that I hope to make within the next few weeks. It’s based on one of my drawings that I messed around with in the digital week. I’ve also had a similar idea for a hair piece……..

Today I was back into the workshop and we were taught how to score and fold up a pretty little box, with a hinged lid and everything! Watching Teena’s demonstration I was excited to get on and make my own little box, but It was not so easy and relaxing as it was made out to be! I got a tad frustrated as my little piece of metal fell apart and just wouldn’t form itself into a box!!! So, I ended up just making a hinge instead (I think I might make it into a little book, so will update with photos when it’s finished). I got a little frustrated and forgot about my camera so there aren’t any photos, but I’m sure you can image what a falling apart box and a hinge looks like!


I’ve also, just started a small piece (really it’s just to get me started back into the workshop again) cutting out my veined leaf shape from aluminum. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it when it’s finished, but I’m using it as a cutting experience before I move onto my ideas for a “final piece”

 Piece of sheet aluminum.

 Etched heart shape onto the surface of the metal.

 Lovingly hand saw the shape out of the metal (set aside your whole morning to do this). End up with lots of shiny aluminum dust on your clothes.

 Finally end up with a roughly cut heart shape.

 Etch in design on the surface of the metal.

 Mark out areas to be cut out. Prepare yourself for another long cutting process….. zzz….

Chloe out.


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