Does the world really need art?


Well that was an easy blog post!

Of course I would say yes. I’m an artist in training (ha, that makes it sounds like I have stabilizers on my paintbrushes). But, as an artist I have to question my art in terms of global context. I feel that art courses are often looked down upon as being the easy option, the degree you will get, something for flimsy people who can’t make up their mind, or purely for pretentious people. Basically it’s just colouring in, right? No, it’s fucking not.

The reason I’m typing all my ideas down into here is because I had my doubts whether I was putting anything good into the world, if what I’m learning now will be worth it. Of course not everyone wants to change the world, I don’t even really want to (well some of the shit needs to be eradicated, but we’re working on that…. some of us anyway), but I do want to be a part of the world, I want to contribute.

So I am an artist.

Something you always hear when people are trying to justify/explain art is to say “we hold a mirror up to society” to me that makes us sounds like arrogant twats. We comment on “society” in our individual ways. The world needs academics, it needs people to understand little parts of our world and explain it to us so we can understand, not only explain it but inspire discussion and debate. Art does that. Okay, so we aren’t writing beautifully written papers that are published in epic journals that explain the physics of dropping an apple from a tree right down to the last tiny detail. We do that. We explain the world. We inspire discussion and debate. We do it visually. We’re almost a conduit of information. I don’t understand maths. I could read all the papers published on mathematical theory but I would have the same blank expression going in as I do going out. But the minute somebody puts it into an image, into a painting I get it, for example Da Vinci’s “Vetruvian Man” is based on maths, symmetry and pattern. It uses numbers to create the perfect form (he’s a a great example of an artist who uses visual maths, and now I understand little bits of it that I wouldn’t have got from reading about it). By commenting on little pieces of the world, and not getting too stuck in with all the details, it also means that we can flit between lots of ideas. Just because I looked at kleptomania in one painting, doesn’t mean I have to focus all of my work around that, I could move onto pyromania…FIRE….! We can flit from politics, to environmetalism, to fashion, to love, to sport, to physcology, to fundamentalism, to beauty, to religion, to anything we want and everything we want. I admire the people,the academics who devote their lives to one are of study and I thank them greatly for all the amazing information the throw out here but I think as a race, us artists are flowing and never sticking.

The world does need art.

The world needs art to help it understand. Not to hold a mirror up, because if that’s all we did then we would be replaced by the mirror and the world would not need us. I’m not saying that there is no place for those who paint picture-perfect renditions of fruit bowls, or crafters who produce pretty things. We need those people to make the world a prettier place. Everybody should craft/draw/paint – it takes the edge off and is such a beautiful and productive way to relax. I make jewellery, I don’t make it to make a statement on politics or anything – I make it so people can feel pretty. But I like to think of myself as an artist as well. I want to comment on life. I want to understand life. I want to be happy.

Okay, the world doesn’t need art. It needs artists.


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Chloe out.


6 thoughts on “Does the world really need art?

  1. Next time I just read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me up to that one. I mean, It was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to express. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something you could fix in case you werent too busy searching for attention.

    1. I wrote it because I’m just starting out my artistic career. I was trying to figure out if what I’m doing is what I want to be doing, or if it even matters. I posted this in the assumption that somebody out there might feel the same way. I find it remarkable that my insecurities lead you to type up a comment on this post (that you didn’t have to read) quite remarkable, you post as though you are full of hate. I apologize for not having some amazing point of view for you to read, I just wanted reassurance that I picked the right path in my life. Thank you for reassuring me that I did.

  2. Its wonderful as your other posts : D, thanks for putting up. “Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.'” by Kahlil Gibran.

  3. Excellent blog post! :D :D In my opinion, art is more important than anything else, apart from love.
    I don’t personally like making statements when writing or drawing something, though. I admire artists who do, but I just like doing art for the sake of doing art. For me, art doesn’t need to have any hidden meaning, because the art itself is meaning enough.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts :)

      Love, art and happiness = the most important things in life!

      “I just like doing art for the sake of doing art” <— that is the best and most important reason for making art.


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