Map of Tasmania and Love Will Tear Us Apart and is jewellery for me?

Just added two new paintings to my shop.

Map of Tasmania – Buy here.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Buy here.


I haven’t painted anything for pleasure in ages. It was nice to take a wee break from uni work and stumble into these pieces. The first is Amanda Palmer dressed from the “Map of Tasmania” video:

the second is my vision of Evelyn Evelyn and the title being the final song on their album:

But that is all the time I have for off to the side work at the moment as uni is getting a little hectic and I really need to focus on all of my work before the Christmas assessments. I might be drowning a little at the moment but I’m eerily chilled about it…. I’m not sure how much work I actually have to do versus how much self-pressure I’ve put on myself to get loads of work done. I’ve done a lot of drawings recently, and research and lots in my sketchbooks but I need to stop being a pansy and get out of the studio into the workshop! My lack of jewellery drive makes me feel like I’ve made the wrong choice. Should I have taken fine art? Often when I ask that the answer is yes because all I want to do is make art, but I also want to learn about design. Am I an artist or a designer? Why isn’t there a crossover course? A degree that does a little bit of everything!? I want to do that. I feel so centered around jewellery and I don’t think I have a jewellery mindset, I don’t think jewellery is want I want to do full-time, but I also don’t want sculpture to be what I do full time, I want to learn about textiles, I want to learn about painting, time-based art, digital media, interiors and all the other bits and pieces in between! I want to learn about everything! I also want to write and lose myself in fantasies. Why is time so against us? I could do all these things. But I don’t have the money to be a student forever. I will need to get a job at some point (I don’t think I can leech of my parents forever….). But I still want to do all of these courses. I might write similar blogs throughout this first year, documenting how I feel about my learning processes. Will I still want to learn everything after Christmas? Probably. Maybe I just want to much. I should be happy with what I have. But I always want more. More time. I always feel guilty when I sit about doing fuck all. I always want to be out there creating something new. Just now I’m escaping from a temporary writers block. I’m stuck in the middle of a story. I’ve wished for more time to do some writing for ages and I set aside today to do so and now I have fucking writers block! Seriously!? Anyway, I’m off for a Candy Cupcake banoffee special :P om nom nom.

Chloe out.

I love how I can turn what was supposed to be a wee blog update about two paintings for sale into a ramble about my path…


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