Sick. Neglect. Britain in a day. Poetry.

I only realize when I am ill just how much I hate it, I don’t just mean the fact that I feel so icky and like something is repeatedly stepping on my face, but I miss so much. Now, I have loads to catch up on at uni, I have to catch up on twitter/blogging/my website/facebook and all the other important online bits and pieces. When I was at school I always wanted to be ill during the week, so I could skip a few days but  now I’m enjoying what I’m doing and don’t have time to be ill so now all I want is to be sick at the weekend –  and just like when I was at school exactly the opposite is the case!

This is just a quick wee blog post to catch myself up on various online things that I’ve neglected while being dead.

I watched “Just One Day” on BBC1 last Saturday. It was such a beautiful piece of film. I reckon it’s still up in BBC iplayer and I definitely recommend that you watch it. Basically, it was one day that was filmed by lots of different people all over the world and the put together in one unique film. A similar film is being made for Britain. Britain in a day.On the 12th of November 2011 the BBC is asking that people all over Britain pick up their cameras and film their day. I really want to involve myself in this, I know nothing about filming and there is only a small chance that any of my footage will be featured in the final film but I think it’s such a great opportunity to get a little piece of your personal life out into the world and to show the world just what you think. I really want to create something beautiful to send in but I guess it will just come down to how it works out on the day…

I wrote a previous blog post about @aeroplanegirl/Jen’s 100 poem challenge to raise money for research centres looking for cures for degenerative eye conditions, and further research into EEC Syndrome. She completed her challenge on Sunday at 11:50pm and wrote 100 beautiful poems. I’ve only just finished reading through them all, and each one is more stunning than the last. You should go check out all the poems on her blog. Here are 3 of my favorites (in the first one she used my tag “beauty”):

#97 “beauty”

“We drive to places in the countryside our mouths
cannot pronounce. We spend hours climbing trees there.
You stamp on the earth to make sure it will remember us.”

#35 “collage”

“We find ourselves as decoupage.

I think this, standing on an escalator
leaning on your arm. We bend and
mould to fit. Adapt and layer over.

When you sleep, your limbs shed skin
like changing clothes. I could take them
to hang.  Line the walls of a gallery.

We could spend the weekends walking
amongst ourselves
seeing how we’ve grown.”

#40 “traced”

“He liked to draw round her
while she slept.
He believed
if he could track all
of her movements
then he was painting
out her dreams.”

Jen is so talented to be able to churn out 100 amazing poems in such a short space of time. It also gives credit to the internet and it’s awesomeness. If not for it then Jen would not have managed to share all of her poems or raise the money for charity (which reminds me, you can still donate to her cause!). Examples like this prove to me that art, that beauty can be achieved by anyone with a dream/an idea/a thought and an internet connection and the world will pay attention.

I’m sure I had more to post about but I can’t remember at the moment – I think it’s the sleepyness and the snifflyness… zzz….

Chloe out.


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