Leafy Polymer Clay Results

I looked at Christi Friesen in a previous blog and decided that I would have a go with making leafy polymer clay samples.

Here are some images of how they turned out (I will update with better pictures once they are finished pieces):

In doing these wee samples I not only learnt that I really really love working with polymer clay, I learnt a new technique! How to mix colours to create beautifully patterned streaks instead of a fully mixed colours. Here is a wee pictorial tutorial:

 First of all get a grouping of the colours you want (as few as two or as many as a million, it’s up to you) together. Smoosh them close and roughly flatten out with a rolling pin.

 Separate the colours again and layer them on top of each other in a staircase effect and roll again!

 Take the roll and split it up and up and up and up again until the colours are all mixed and roll again!

 Keep repeating the above step until you’re happy with the patterns/colours that you make. It can be uber-mixed or barely mixed at all. You can also use a pasta machine to do this (I think it would probably be easier, but I don’t have one), just do the same steps but roll it through the pasta machine instead of with the rolling pin!

Have fun with all yer mixing :) If you’ve get any pieces using this technique post me a comment, I wanna see!!!

Chloe out.

p.s. what do you think of my leafy pieces?


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