Finding Pretty Things

I’ve been doing a bit of internet research and searching for things and artists that connect with the work that I’m currently doing/that I like/think are awesome. The main thing I’ve been looking at is obviously “pattern in nature” (as that was our brief title), which for me is the plants, the pretty flowers, the trees and all of those beautiful aspects of the world, but I’ve also been looking at steampunk (I’m not sure why, on the  surface it doesn’t seem to connect but I like the styles – it’s probably due to all the hammering of metal that I’ve been doing!); which I guess is a sub-sect of goth culture (so, really I’m going back to my love for black and lace and ruffles!). I’m still kind of at the point where they are both separate routes of investigation but I’m working on joining them. Anyway, here are some of the beautiful things I have found while wandering through the wonders of the online world:

This is Ceca Georgieva who defines herself as a “textile artist working in the field of nature” As soon as I saw her work I was like :0 “that’s just what I was doing the other day!!!” Okay, so she is doing much more than just playing in the garden with some leaves but I immediately found a connection with her work and with what I was doing. Look her up, some of the pieces she does are amazing, the forms and patterns she creates are visually stunning and as a jeweller I can see some of these shapes (and the pieces that I made (pictured in my previous blog) with nature) being created with metal or some other more permanent material – decay being the downside of using natural materials in art.  Some of the photography she takes reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy (one of my art loves), so I just had to feature him as well (especially since I had a wee go at being him the other day, again pictured in my previous blog):

 The one thing about Andy Goldsworthy’s work (and others who do similar things) is that it does not last. Okay, it is captured forever in pixels but the actual pieces themselves just melt away into the ground (literally with his icy pieces!). In terms of environmentalism this is a good thing as he is creating art that is not harmful to the earth. So, I’m torn between my love for nature and between wanting things to last. It upset (when I say upset I don’t mean balling like a child, I mean a lingering eh heh moment) me a little to walk away from my Andy Goldsworthy pieces because I knew they would just float away. But, in another sense his works do last, they make a lasting impression on anyone who sees the image, which leads you to ask whether he is really a photographer or a sculptor as he is sculptures are merely photographs…. I think I may be going round in circles! Let’s move on shall we….

I found this image of a bracelet cuff by Michael Michaud which reminded me of the drawing that I’m trying to make into a metal piece.


I found this beautiful little piece by monsterkookies on deviantART and just had share it. The main heart piece is made from polymer clay and I think it is skillfully detailed for such a small charm. I love the symbolism between humanity and nature. It’s called “Secret Garden”

Another polymer clay piece. This necklace is a gorgeous autumnal pattern, subtle colour blending and a good use of a simple pattern. “Autumn Leaves” by Mariquez on deviantART

I’ve discovered a new art love <3 Christi Friesen She creates stunning pieces of jewellery and other artworks out of polymer clay and mixed media. Her work has a unique style, inspired by steampunk and nature (here is my connector!) and with a thoroughly practised and defined use of her materials she creates these truly beautiful pieces (I’ve only included a few of my favorites but she has loads of images in her gallery, so go and check it out):

I hadn’t considered using polymer clay within this project but her work has inspired me to go and have a play around with it (will update shortly with my outcomes)!

Chloe out.


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