Blogging/Tweeting : new art forms?

I’ve just read Amanda Palmer’s new blog on blogging – stop whatever you’re doing and go read it, not that you need much more incentive but there are pictures of her with chickens… and now I’m replying with a blog of my own! Some of the things she (and all the preceding comments) are talking about are things that have been discussed in my design lectures and I’m at the point when I’m figuring out if I “believe” in it or not.

For me, blogging just began as something I thought I should probably do now that I have functioning website, but it has become so much more: I use it as a diary, a sketchbook, a brainstorm, a collection of my thoughts, a permanant storage space, but above all of that it is a place for me to write in a place where people will read it.

I used to note my thoughts down into journals or occasionally dump them on friends/family in the form of an “eh heh heh help me” email/letter, but now this blog is my diary. Think of the amazing diaries that are publish into books. Those diaries were found and then published. But what of those diaries that were never found? They are still as amazing, but we never got the chance to read them before they were lost. Blogging/tweeting is eradicating that. People are writing AMAZING things down into their blogs and blogs are becoming those lost and forgotten diaries, they are being preserved forever.

I’ve always imagined myself writing a book, and I have written a few stories, but actually publishing something?! A little bit of a scary thought, once it’s published you can’t take it back! I mean with the whole blogging thing,you’ll read it now and that will be it, as Amanda says “it doesn’t have to be heavily edited. i don’t have to pull my hair out about every sentence being etched in stone. it’s going to disappear. the chances that You, Dear Reader, are going to click back and read my archived blogs from 2004 is WAY less likely than a lover of george r.r. martin is to dig up his back catalog. blogging is Of Now

So, this kind of leads to the “but what about the spelling? think of the grammar!!!” I think, as long as you can articulate yourself in a way that people can understand, you don’t really need to get hung up on the little things. And when I say articulate I dnt meen u shd spek lk diz – what the fuck is that anyway?!

That brings me thudding down onto my next point: I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR EVERY SINGLE INANE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE. “often blogging is just mind-shitting. sometimes tweeting is just soul-puking. i can’t disagree.” – and I totally agree with you Amanda, there is an epic amount of shite out there. Oh, and STOP SPREADING FUCKING HATE. Okay, you can give me some totally pointless facts if you really want to (I posted a picture of my cat in a sink the other day, it had no relevance, it was just cute. I tweeted this morning that I have dyed my hair purple again, this fact will not effect anyone, nobody really cares I just felt the need to tell people.) Pointless facts are the way we like to communicate sometimes, just a way of letting you know we are still here, but please lets not post too many! Blogging should not be used as a tool for you to tell me everything; you had cornflakes for breakfast?wow. you like justin biber. fuck off. you hate my face. cheers. If you can get past these threads of total arse then you can get to some shinyness, true beauty. Amanda’s blogs are an example of that, I am a total devotee and I read every blog she types and they are shiny every time. Everything she talks about, regardless of how unconnected I am to it, captivates me. She is a true connoisseur of the blogging world. I not so much. Unfortunately I can’t be interesting every time I blog, am I boring you now? If Amanda did not pour all her thoughts and feelings into blogs/tweets I would not like her nearly as much as I do, okay I will always love her music but I do feel more connected on more of a level,if I tweeted her a question, she would probably answer. In that respect this shit is amazing and it is art and it is not devaluing from the “true art” or “high art” it is only bringing us closer together, to a better understanding.

I was part of the #EvelynEvelynChat on twitter the other day. Wow. Twitter brought together people from all over the world at one time, so fans of the twins could asks the creators of the graphic novel questions. If it were not for twitter,only a little of that could happen. They could have toured and done booktalks in various cities, but that would be consuming their time, and not everybody would make it. Twitter allowed everybody to get involved. Thinks like that just produce this face with me :O It’s amazing that we can instantly connect with each other. I love it. “everybody knows it: it’s a revolution. the world is catching up, creaking, slowly, slowly.”

That is another great thing about all of this, I could write a quick blog about an idea or post a piece of finished artwork and could receive some instant feedback. Amanda is lucky enough to have millions and millions of followers and comments, I’m lucky if I get one comment a week (even luckier if it’s not from my mum -no offence mommy cupcake), but it is still a great tool for everyone to utilise. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, everybody has thoughts. BLOGGING IS AN EQUAL PLATFORM FOR EVERYBODY. You can be anything you want and if you sit down and type away you will be creating a piece of art. I really do think that blogging and tweeting can be art, not just “second-class art” but real art, full of real beauty, emotion, ideas, and everything else that makes art so amazing.

I’ve ended up writing much more and rambling on than I intended but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this, oh, and if you havn’t already GO AND READ AMANDA’S BLOG!!!

Chloe out.


3 thoughts on “Blogging/Tweeting : new art forms?

  1. Great post!

    There’s a couple of points I’d make though… (cos I like to be a contrarian)

    What you say about the online archive is really interesting and I tend to agree but a lot of researchers and archivists are worried that now we’re all emailing, there’s no “paper trail” of what’s been said. So much is being lost – I just deleted a load of old emails but what if I became famous and someone wanted to know about the correspondence I had with someone? It’s gone… Imagine if you were doing research in to how women felt about World War 2 and how it affected them rather than focusing on the men fighting? Well we can do that because they left letters and diaries that people kept. But if they’d tweeted it and emailed it? Chances are it would be gone.

    I wonder how many people keep love emails in shoeboxes the way they used to keep love letters?

    (You might be interested in the project Lauren Currie did in her fourth year: Douceurs)

    The British Library has got funding to archive lots of websites because its old remit of storing a copy of every book ever published is becoming a bit outdated…

    The other point about banalities. Well… remember the lecture on communication when I said we depend on “redundant” communication to keep the channels open?
    The way it works is that if you want a relationship with someone (in the broad sense of the word) then the everyday stuff, the trivia, becomes important. You get to know someone through them blogging about their ironic love of Justin Beiber.
    Tools like Twitter and blogs and Facebook mean you can filter that stuff out. I’m sure no one is interested in what my cat just did, but if all I ever tweeted was “important” stuff, no one would read it. But if you trust the source, you’re more likely to take notice of what they say. And trust comes from knowledge.
    Where I think you’re right is that if all you write about is trivia, then really, who cares? There’s got to be some pearls among the dross.

    That’s what I think, anyway! But my cat’s doing something cute so I must be going ;)

    1. I didn’t think about emailing at all when I was writing that but you make a good point. However, when something has been put into a computer/internet (even if it is “deleted”) it is ALWAYS still there. My old computer died and I thought I had lost all of the files, but I know a computer genius and he managed to recover everything, same with the internet – when you post something it remains forever somewhere (I don’t know all the technical sides to it so I can’t explain it properly but I do remember listening to a radio interview with some computer geek who was going on about recovering “lost” files….) I’m not quite sure what my point was there….something about permanence maybe.
      I do sometimes like the “trivia” and I don’t think I meant none of it should exist anywhere but there is way too much of it, I don’t know if I can comment considering half of it comes from my fingertips but oh well!
      P.S. my cat is cuter than yours!

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