Natural Leafy Sculptures and Jewellery

For once in my life I got up early enough to see the sunrise.

This beautiful sight prompted me to go on a mid-morning nature walk.

We came to a river and Jamie (my little brother) threw sticks into the murky waters for Bailey (our very blonde by lovable golden retriever) to dive in after, while I sat on the riverbank basking in the warm rays of the sun, swimming in the sounds of the birds and browsing through some tweets and other internet musings. I came across some Andy Goldsworthy images and just had to go and do some of my own!


Okay, so these are mere sculptural doodles compared to Andy Goldsworthy but they were fun! And when you are having any form of outdoor fun in Scotland it does not last very long (no, that wasn’t a comment on Scottish men)! The sunny skies were replaced by dark and dismally grey clouds and the rain began to pour down in icy wet sheets. Our walk was cut short but I did manage to take a few pretty photos (below) and collect up some natural materials for later.


 We passed this amazing tree, which not only has love/tagging graffiti carved all the way up it, it also appears to be the start of a lucky penny tree. For my art A Level I studied a lot about trees and their symbolism and how they are viewed by different cultures, I also looked into lucky trees, wish trees, fertility trees and other forms of cultural tree worships and I learnt that if you walk past a tree with coins hammered into and don’t add your own then you will receive bad luck. I don’t know whether I believe in luck or not, I don’t think I do but maybe that’s because I’m unlucky….. regardless, it was great fun hammering our coins into the wood (an awesome anti-stresser)! This particular tree is located on the grounds of Newbattle Abbey (it’s towards the end of the grounds, just by the start of the path back to Dalkeith/Woodburn – not by the bridge but by the river – so, if you’re in the area you should definately hammer your own coin into this tree and we could make it a great luck tree and a good symbol for Midlothian)!


I collected a mass of natural bits and pieces:

When I was collecting all the stuff I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make with it all, I just knew I wanted to make something. I put together various natural parts with wire and string and I think when I get back to the studios I may use some of the pieces as maquettes and try and transcribe my workings into metal or wire and see where that leads me. Anyway, enough of me not knowing what I’m doing! Here are some images of the things that I made:

  Scratch (Button Hole Pin)

 Scratch (Necklace)

   Wing (Necklace)

   Continuity (Necklace)

   Purple Faery Tiara

  Feather Ferns (Hairclip)

  Tetsuna (Hairclip)

   How To Draw (Brooch)

Still don’t know what I’m doing but as ever all I want to do is play!

Chloe out.

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