Knitting Lessons with Shelia and Other Bits and Pieces!

I don’t think this week has been all that productive for me :( but I have learnt a new skill! and I have made a few bits and pieces in the workshops.

Firstly, Shelia gave me knitting lessons today :) She taught me plain and purl stitch, how to cast on and off and I’m just about to sit in front of the t.v. and have a wee knitting sesh!

Here’s a video of Shelia going over the plain stitch:

And a picture of my first wee sample:

Thank you Shelia! :D

Here are a few pictures of the other bits and pieces I’ve done in the workshops over the last week:

 I made this braid a few weeks ago but recently added a hair clip and turned it into a wearable piece (not the best photo).

 I was playing around with coiling, I don’t know why I find wrapping wire around a steel rod with an electric drill so fun but I really do :P this piece was just me thinking of someway to join together a few coils. The lighter blue coil is really springy and fun to bounce up and down and led me to the question: “do you reckon this is how they make slinkys?”

 I made this resin bar a few weeks ago in our resin workshop and finally decided to finish it off by adding some pretty coloured ribbons and turning it into a neck piece.

 I’m in the process of translating this drawing <<< into metal:

 I took a sheet piece of a copper, attached strips of wire and ran it through the rolling mill to create a leafy strip texture over the metal.

 As the piece of metal came out of the mill curved I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like as a cuff.

 I then drew into the back of the metal to give me a guide of where to cut with my saw.

 After cutting the shapes out of the metal, I heated and bent the leaves into more natural curved forms. I only managed to make two leaves but plan to make a few more and try and construct them in some way to best represent my initial drawing.

 Today I made up some resin pieces using wire bits and angel hair, as well as some opaque black cuboids to later etch into. Will update later with demoulded pieces.

And now to the knitting………

Chloe out.


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