Wirework – Workshops (Week 4)

Today we played with wire :)

I love wire. It’s such a beautiful medium to work in. I don’t quite have a grasp of all the techniques yet but I’m learning/I’m playing. A lot of art and making things is learnt through play and often I feel like a child just messing about with all of these lovely things. There are all these people studying law and medicine and business and writing essays and going to lectures and dissertations and I’m look ooo let’s see what happen when I mix this pretty flower with resin or ooooo it’s all goopy- but I love it! I’m so lucky to be able to play for my whole life, not just when I was a child/when it was acceptable. I urge all of these people rushing about in their grown-up busy lives to pick up a pencil and doodle or steal some play-doh and just play around with it = it’s the biggest fucking release and escape from responsibilities that you will ever experience and it’s fucking awesome!

Anyway, enough rambling, back to the wire.

The first thing I had a wee go at was braiding:

first you take an even number of same lengths of wire (for me it was10) and tape them together at the bottom so they are in a flat row.

Secure the taped part into a vice. Now start separating the wire, one strand bent left, another right and so on until they are all done (make sure you keep them in line). On the last strand of wire, bring it across the center of your crossed lines/where the line of the vice is.

Keep repeating the same steps as above until your braid starts to appear. If you want a tight braid (not shown here) then you can keep hammering the braid down between steps and it should start to tighten.

< my finished braid. I’ve curled over the ends to finish it. I plan on attaching it to a clip and making a fascinator of some kind, or I might make a few and turn it into a brooch… endless possibilities

My “DNA” strand:

A flattened length of copper wire and two lengths of non-flattened copper wire.

 I wrapped and coiled the flat wire around the normal wire to create a structure I think looks a little like a dna strand. I think I might try this with a harder metal, like steel, to create a bracelet/cuff.


Cut two (or more) lengths of wire, attach one into a hand or power drill and the other end into a vice and simple use your drill to twist >>>

Double coil twisting:

Start by coiling one length of coloured wire around a steel rod (keep the rod in place using a vice). You can wrap it around my hand or attach the end of the wire into a drill and coiling it with that.

The finished coil should look like this. Just slip it of the rod and repeat with another coloured wire.

Get a length of thicker/harder wire and fold it in half, thread each of your coils onto either end and twist: Attach the loop of your thick wire to the vice and the opposite end in either a power or a hand drill and simply twist until the desired effect is achieved.

< my finished coiled twist!

Wire brooches. I would explain how to make these but I’m still not quite sure I understand. For all I know it was magic pixies!


I also made some copper bookmarks which are available to purchase on my website.

Chloe out.


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