Workshop (Week 4) – WOOD

Today we had our wood work induction. I felt all manly and epic and hard using all these massive power tools and ear protectors, yeah so protective bullets can’t penetrate them, and hard shoes, sawdust everywhere and air extractors and hand saws and sanders and and and masculine stuff and using so much strength I could punch a lion in the face.

Oh and look at the pretty box I made:

< measuring the pieces of wood that we needed.

< wood was then cut using the band saw.

< box was glued together (using wood glue) and taped to hold structure.

< top hole was drilled and then stuck on the top.

< box was then sanded for a smooth finish.

< and finally a pretty doodle of a tree and a birdy to finish off my wee box :)

After the EPIC start to my morning I finished of one of my resin samples into a little ring by twisting weak silver wire and purple sparkly thread around the two balls and into a circle shape:

And on a final unrelated note, have you seen the new Evelyn Evelyn video? If not, it’s well worth a watch – it’s awesome! If you’re unaware of the twins and their awesomeness google Evelyn Evelyn and catch yourself up (I promise you won’t regret it :) The comic is also out at the moment, but not in the UK :( I have pre-ordered mine on amazon, so will review it on here when it arrives <- v.excited XD

Chloe out.


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