Workshop – Doming and Forming (Week 4) and Life Drawing

Here’s a wee doodle from my long and boring wait for the train on Sunday night:

Today we learnt about doming and forming. I was suprised to learn how simple it was. All you need is a piece of metal (copper for us) in the shape and size you want it, by cutting out an oval or using the weird hole punchy machine thing that took me a while to understand, and hammering it in a doming block.

Doming and Forming Equipment< Doming and forming equipment.

Cutting Copper Oval (3)< me sawing a very poorly shaped oval out of copper.

Doming a Circle < me hammering my circle copper in the doming block to form a domed circle.

I forgot to take a picture of my finished domes, but they basically looked like half a hollow copper ball. V.cute.

It was also a Life Drawing day. When I got into the room, I really wasn’t in the mood (as always when it comes to life drawing, I think my mood always drops because I suck at it rather than me not wanting to do it. I wish I was good at it, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw the figure well but alas it is not to be) but I got into to after a while and my drawings aren’t too bad. The model sat on a white cushioned block, firstly with a blurred image of creepy dolls projected onto her body and secondly with a black and white line drawing of a floral pattern.

Sitting Woman (Doll Projection) Sitting Woman (Floral Projection)

Chloe out.


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