“The Little People Project”

I came across a blog called The Little People Project by Slinkachu and as soon as I saw the images that had been posted I was immediately intrigued.

  Bathroom Attendant

  The Last Kiss

   Fantastic Voyage

  Maz and Joe

These images are just a few of my favorites from the project (if you scroll through the blog archives you can find loads more awesome pictures, there’s also a book of images and other merch you can buy – I quite like the pins…).

I love how it isn’t just one close-up image of the wee characters, the zoomed out and location shots really add to the whole ideas of the artwork. In most of the cases it adds to the humor of the piece, i.e. “Fantastic Voyage” at first you see it as the Loch Ness Monster being discovered upon a metallic boat by two brave adventurers upon the vast Loch, but as it zooms out you see it as two little men floating in a puddle on a bottle cap with a shoe. It’s great! It’s a really interesting and beautiful way of looking at the world, through the eyes of these little people. I’ve always had a bit of an affinity with miniatures, and that’s probably why I am so drawn to this. Because the little dolls have been taken out of their standard playground (a miniature world) and placed into the giant world that we know they take on a whole new perspective that is humorous, beautiful and scary all at once. They are truly wonderful pieces of contemporary artwork.

What do you think of them?

Chloe out.


Digital Week

This week we have been working with editing and playing with out drawings/photos by using digital media.

We had a wee mess around in photoshop first, to show us some of the basics:


These are the starting images that I used:


I’m not totally sure what I wanted to achieve, but here are some images of my experimentation:




Chloe out.

Blogging/Tweeting : new art forms?

I’ve just read Amanda Palmer’s new blog on blogging – stop whatever you’re doing and go read it, not that you need much more incentive but there are pictures of her with chickens… and now I’m replying with a blog of my own! Some of the things she (and all the preceding comments) are talking about are things that have been discussed in my design lectures and I’m at the point when I’m figuring out if I “believe” in it or not.

For me, blogging just began as something I thought I should probably do now that I have functioning website, but it has become so much more: I use it as a diary, a sketchbook, a brainstorm, a collection of my thoughts, a permanant storage space, but above all of that it is a place for me to write in a place where people will read it.

I used to note my thoughts down into journals or occasionally dump them on friends/family in the form of an “eh heh heh help me” email/letter, but now this blog is my diary. Think of the amazing diaries that are publish into books. Those diaries were found and then published. But what of those diaries that were never found? They are still as amazing, but we never got the chance to read them before they were lost. Blogging/tweeting is eradicating that. People are writing AMAZING things down into their blogs and blogs are becoming those lost and forgotten diaries, they are being preserved forever.

I’ve always imagined myself writing a book, and I have written a few stories, but actually publishing something?! A little bit of a scary thought, once it’s published you can’t take it back! I mean with the whole blogging thing,you’ll read it now and that will be it, as Amanda says “it doesn’t have to be heavily edited. i don’t have to pull my hair out about every sentence being etched in stone. it’s going to disappear. the chances that You, Dear Reader, are going to click back and read my archived blogs from 2004 is WAY less likely than a lover of george r.r. martin is to dig up his back catalog. blogging is Of Now

So, this kind of leads to the “but what about the spelling? think of the grammar!!!” I think, as long as you can articulate yourself in a way that people can understand, you don’t really need to get hung up on the little things. And when I say articulate I dnt meen u shd spek lk diz – what the fuck is that anyway?!

That brings me thudding down onto my next point: I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR EVERY SINGLE INANE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE. “often blogging is just mind-shitting. sometimes tweeting is just soul-puking. i can’t disagree.” – and I totally agree with you Amanda, there is an epic amount of shite out there. Oh, and STOP SPREADING FUCKING HATE. Okay, you can give me some totally pointless facts if you really want to (I posted a picture of my cat in a sink the other day, it had no relevance, it was just cute. I tweeted this morning that I have dyed my hair purple again, this fact will not effect anyone, nobody really cares I just felt the need to tell people.) Pointless facts are the way we like to communicate sometimes, just a way of letting you know we are still here, but please lets not post too many! Blogging should not be used as a tool for you to tell me everything; you had cornflakes for breakfast?wow. you like justin biber. fuck off. you hate my face. cheers. If you can get past these threads of total arse then you can get to some shinyness, true beauty. Amanda’s blogs are an example of that, I am a total devotee and I read every blog she types and they are shiny every time. Everything she talks about, regardless of how unconnected I am to it, captivates me. She is a true connoisseur of the blogging world. I not so much. Unfortunately I can’t be interesting every time I blog, am I boring you now? If Amanda did not pour all her thoughts and feelings into blogs/tweets I would not like her nearly as much as I do, okay I will always love her music but I do feel more connected on more of a level,if I tweeted her a question, she would probably answer. In that respect this shit is amazing and it is art and it is not devaluing from the “true art” or “high art” it is only bringing us closer together, to a better understanding.

I was part of the #EvelynEvelynChat on twitter the other day. Wow. Twitter brought together people from all over the world at one time, so fans of the twins could asks the creators of the graphic novel questions. If it were not for twitter,only a little of that could happen. They could have toured and done booktalks in various cities, but that would be consuming their time, and not everybody would make it. Twitter allowed everybody to get involved. Thinks like that just produce this face with me :O It’s amazing that we can instantly connect with each other. I love it. “everybody knows it: it’s a revolution. the world is catching up, creaking, slowly, slowly.”

That is another great thing about all of this, I could write a quick blog about an idea or post a piece of finished artwork and could receive some instant feedback. Amanda is lucky enough to have millions and millions of followers and comments, I’m lucky if I get one comment a week (even luckier if it’s not from my mum -no offence mommy cupcake), but it is still a great tool for everyone to utilise. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, everybody has thoughts. BLOGGING IS AN EQUAL PLATFORM FOR EVERYBODY. You can be anything you want and if you sit down and type away you will be creating a piece of art. I really do think that blogging and tweeting can be art, not just “second-class art” but real art, full of real beauty, emotion, ideas, and everything else that makes art so amazing.

I’ve ended up writing much more and rambling on than I intended but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this, oh, and if you havn’t already GO AND READ AMANDA’S BLOG!!!

Chloe out.

Finding Pretty Things

I’ve been doing a bit of internet research and searching for things and artists that connect with the work that I’m currently doing/that I like/think are awesome. The main thing I’ve been looking at is obviously “pattern in nature” (as that was our brief title), which for me is the plants, the pretty flowers, the trees and all of those beautiful aspects of the world, but I’ve also been looking at steampunk (I’m not sure why, on the  surface it doesn’t seem to connect but I like the styles – it’s probably due to all the hammering of metal that I’ve been doing!); which I guess is a sub-sect of goth culture (so, really I’m going back to my love for black and lace and ruffles!). I’m still kind of at the point where they are both separate routes of investigation but I’m working on joining them. Anyway, here are some of the beautiful things I have found while wandering through the wonders of the online world:

This is Ceca Georgieva who defines herself as a “textile artist working in the field of nature” As soon as I saw her work I was like :0 “that’s just what I was doing the other day!!!” Okay, so she is doing much more than just playing in the garden with some leaves but I immediately found a connection with her work and with what I was doing. Look her up, some of the pieces she does are amazing, the forms and patterns she creates are visually stunning and as a jeweller I can see some of these shapes (and the pieces that I made (pictured in my previous blog) with nature) being created with metal or some other more permanent material – decay being the downside of using natural materials in art.  Some of the photography she takes reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy (one of my art loves), so I just had to feature him as well (especially since I had a wee go at being him the other day, again pictured in my previous blog):

 The one thing about Andy Goldsworthy’s work (and others who do similar things) is that it does not last. Okay, it is captured forever in pixels but the actual pieces themselves just melt away into the ground (literally with his icy pieces!). In terms of environmentalism this is a good thing as he is creating art that is not harmful to the earth. So, I’m torn between my love for nature and between wanting things to last. It upset (when I say upset I don’t mean balling like a child, I mean a lingering eh heh moment) me a little to walk away from my Andy Goldsworthy pieces because I knew they would just float away. But, in another sense his works do last, they make a lasting impression on anyone who sees the image, which leads you to ask whether he is really a photographer or a sculptor as he is sculptures are merely photographs…. I think I may be going round in circles! Let’s move on shall we….

I found this image of a bracelet cuff by Michael Michaud which reminded me of the drawing that I’m trying to make into a metal piece.


I found this beautiful little piece by monsterkookies on deviantART and just had share it. The main heart piece is made from polymer clay and I think it is skillfully detailed for such a small charm. I love the symbolism between humanity and nature. It’s called “Secret Garden”

Another polymer clay piece. This necklace is a gorgeous autumnal pattern, subtle colour blending and a good use of a simple pattern. “Autumn Leaves” by Mariquez on deviantART

I’ve discovered a new art love <3 Christi Friesen She creates stunning pieces of jewellery and other artworks out of polymer clay and mixed media. Her work has a unique style, inspired by steampunk and nature (here is my connector!) and with a thoroughly practised and defined use of her materials she creates these truly beautiful pieces (I’ve only included a few of my favorites but she has loads of images in her gallery, so go and check it out):

I hadn’t considered using polymer clay within this project but her work has inspired me to go and have a play around with it (will update shortly with my outcomes)!

Chloe out.

Natural Leafy Sculptures and Jewellery

For once in my life I got up early enough to see the sunrise.

This beautiful sight prompted me to go on a mid-morning nature walk.

We came to a river and Jamie (my little brother) threw sticks into the murky waters for Bailey (our very blonde by lovable golden retriever) to dive in after, while I sat on the riverbank basking in the warm rays of the sun, swimming in the sounds of the birds and browsing through some tweets and other internet musings. I came across some Andy Goldsworthy images and just had to go and do some of my own!


Okay, so these are mere sculptural doodles compared to Andy Goldsworthy but they were fun! And when you are having any form of outdoor fun in Scotland it does not last very long (no, that wasn’t a comment on Scottish men)! The sunny skies were replaced by dark and dismally grey clouds and the rain began to pour down in icy wet sheets. Our walk was cut short but I did manage to take a few pretty photos (below) and collect up some natural materials for later.


 We passed this amazing tree, which not only has love/tagging graffiti carved all the way up it, it also appears to be the start of a lucky penny tree. For my art A Level I studied a lot about trees and their symbolism and how they are viewed by different cultures, I also looked into lucky trees, wish trees, fertility trees and other forms of cultural tree worships and I learnt that if you walk past a tree with coins hammered into and don’t add your own then you will receive bad luck. I don’t know whether I believe in luck or not, I don’t think I do but maybe that’s because I’m unlucky….. regardless, it was great fun hammering our coins into the wood (an awesome anti-stresser)! This particular tree is located on the grounds of Newbattle Abbey (it’s towards the end of the grounds, just by the start of the path back to Dalkeith/Woodburn – not by the bridge but by the river – so, if you’re in the area you should definately hammer your own coin into this tree and we could make it a great luck tree and a good symbol for Midlothian)!


I collected a mass of natural bits and pieces:

When I was collecting all the stuff I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make with it all, I just knew I wanted to make something. I put together various natural parts with wire and string and I think when I get back to the studios I may use some of the pieces as maquettes and try and transcribe my workings into metal or wire and see where that leads me. Anyway, enough of me not knowing what I’m doing! Here are some images of the things that I made:

  Scratch (Button Hole Pin)

 Scratch (Necklace)

   Wing (Necklace)

   Continuity (Necklace)

   Purple Faery Tiara

  Feather Ferns (Hairclip)

  Tetsuna (Hairclip)

   How To Draw (Brooch)

Still don’t know what I’m doing but as ever all I want to do is play!

Chloe out.

Halloween at Candy Cupcake

Original blog post at Chloe Henderson

It’s gone all spooky at Candy Cupcake in the sweet lead up to Halloween :P


Candy Cupcake have a lot of festive candies in for Halloween too:

 < Check out all the yummy and pretty gruesome looking sweeties… om nom nom?

Get your Halloween cupcake and sweetie orders in now! I’m looking forward to Mrs.Cupcakes candy apples…. om nom nom :D

Chloe out.

Knitting Lessons with Shelia and Other Bits and Pieces!

I don’t think this week has been all that productive for me :( but I have learnt a new skill! and I have made a few bits and pieces in the workshops.

Firstly, Shelia gave me knitting lessons today :) She taught me plain and purl stitch, how to cast on and off and I’m just about to sit in front of the t.v. and have a wee knitting sesh!

Here’s a video of Shelia going over the plain stitch:

And a picture of my first wee sample:

Thank you Shelia! :D

Here are a few pictures of the other bits and pieces I’ve done in the workshops over the last week:

 I made this braid a few weeks ago but recently added a hair clip and turned it into a wearable piece (not the best photo).

 I was playing around with coiling, I don’t know why I find wrapping wire around a steel rod with an electric drill so fun but I really do :P this piece was just me thinking of someway to join together a few coils. The lighter blue coil is really springy and fun to bounce up and down and led me to the question: “do you reckon this is how they make slinkys?”

 I made this resin bar a few weeks ago in our resin workshop and finally decided to finish it off by adding some pretty coloured ribbons and turning it into a neck piece.

 I’m in the process of translating this drawing <<< into metal:

 I took a sheet piece of a copper, attached strips of wire and ran it through the rolling mill to create a leafy strip texture over the metal.

 As the piece of metal came out of the mill curved I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like as a cuff.

 I then drew into the back of the metal to give me a guide of where to cut with my saw.

 After cutting the shapes out of the metal, I heated and bent the leaves into more natural curved forms. I only managed to make two leaves but plan to make a few more and try and construct them in some way to best represent my initial drawing.

 Today I made up some resin pieces using wire bits and angel hair, as well as some opaque black cuboids to later etch into. Will update later with demoulded pieces.

And now to the knitting………

Chloe out.