Workshops (Week 2)

At the start of this week we had a resin and acrylic workshop. It was breif and rushed through but gave us an idea of the kind of things each material can be used for. I played a lot with resin over the summer so I knew some of the basics already but it was good to see it from another perspective and I didn’t know much about acrylic, so that was fairly interesting – but guttingly we don’t get to use the laser cutters until next year :( <— the only thing I actually wanted to do with the acrylic!

Here’s a few (bad quality – I’m saving up for a wee digi camera) photos of my resin goop:

Resin Working Area <<<< Resin working area (very stickery!)

Blue Thread and Jewls Blob (working) Blue Thread and Jewls Blob (working) 2 <<< Sparkly coloured thread set into blue resin, in a plasticine mould.

Beaded Acrylic Circles and Pomegranate Seed Capsule <<< Pink and purple beads set inside acrylic cirlces and an imitation of a pomegranate seed pod in plasticine mould.

Various Squares in  Moulds <<< various natural materials (and sparkles) set into squares.

Purple Bubbles and Stick <<< Purple bubbles and sticks with various spirals and beaded parts.

The next workshop was Ceramics with Lara. I think the last time I worked with clay was primary school and I made a “lovely” pot thing that now holds pens in my parents office! I think it’s a material I can see myself working with in the future, it’s so easily manipulated and is messy and uses your hands and is just lovely to work with. I still need some work with the techniques but we were just having a play today:

Class Ceramic Samples <<< Class samples.

My First Go At Ceramics My First Go At Ceramics 2<<< My work.

Triple Petal Square (2)Triple Petal Square (3)Triple Petal Square (1)Triple Petal Square (4) I worked with images from my sketchbook.

Bubble Leaf (3)Bubble Leaf (4)  Holy Teacup (2)  Marked Woman  Mixed Mark Half Fish

I’m glad we’re getting a chance to do some more pieces next week because I know where these pieces went wrong and I can fix them when they’re fired and also work on some new pieces without making as many mistakes!

Now i’m finishing reading “The Tipping Point” which is a good book but i’m way too sleepy to read right now…..zzzzz…..

Chloe out.


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