Assignment 1:Mapping Meaning

I’ve recently finished reading Malcom Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” and was pleasantly suprised to find it a really interesting book. I didn’t expect much from the plain red cover and the first few lines filled me with boredom as I expected a book full of a lists of facts that didn’t mean anything to me that I would never be able to remember, however it was not so. Gladwell dove into the realms of why some ideas, products, behaviour, and various other things “take off” or “tip” and why others do not and all the little factors in-between. He explores people, human behaviour, environmental shifts as well as ad campaigns, fashion trends and so much more.

Gladwell draws on previous research and experiment and explains it in a way that makes sense and that has cultural meaning. He uses interesting statistics (sometimes a little overloaded with information) and examples to get his various points across, drawing out the types of people who cause these “tips” as well as the environments and just what makes an advert “sticky” He also uses anecdotes which makes the book ultimately more enjoyable as it is then on a personal level that we can relate to, as well as this there are various questions or ideas that he poses to the reader for a little bit of reader/writer interaction, making it more than just a mindless read and engaging and involving the reader – making the information “stick” just a little more.

I’ve outlined the basic construction of the book within this mind map, it focuses purely on the main ideas Gladwell makes throughout (the colour on my photo is a little off – I will update with a new image when my camera is working again!):

Mind Mapping-The Tipping Point

This next mind map is more tightly focused within just one chapter. It was the chapter I found most interesting within the book: “The Law of the Few” I think I enjoyed it the most because it involved people and human behaviour which I always grabs my attention. I have completed a basic outline of this chapter within my mind map:

Mind Mapping-The Law of The Few


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Chloe out.


Workshops (Week 2)

At the start of this week we had a resin and acrylic workshop. It was breif and rushed through but gave us an idea of the kind of things each material can be used for. I played a lot with resin over the summer so I knew some of the basics already but it was good to see it from another perspective and I didn’t know much about acrylic, so that was fairly interesting – but guttingly we don’t get to use the laser cutters until next year :( <— the only thing I actually wanted to do with the acrylic!

Here’s a few (bad quality – I’m saving up for a wee digi camera) photos of my resin goop:

Resin Working Area <<<< Resin working area (very stickery!)

Blue Thread and Jewls Blob (working) Blue Thread and Jewls Blob (working) 2 <<< Sparkly coloured thread set into blue resin, in a plasticine mould.

Beaded Acrylic Circles and Pomegranate Seed Capsule <<< Pink and purple beads set inside acrylic cirlces and an imitation of a pomegranate seed pod in plasticine mould.

Various Squares in  Moulds <<< various natural materials (and sparkles) set into squares.

Purple Bubbles and Stick <<< Purple bubbles and sticks with various spirals and beaded parts.

The next workshop was Ceramics with Lara. I think the last time I worked with clay was primary school and I made a “lovely” pot thing that now holds pens in my parents office! I think it’s a material I can see myself working with in the future, it’s so easily manipulated and is messy and uses your hands and is just lovely to work with. I still need some work with the techniques but we were just having a play today:

Class Ceramic Samples <<< Class samples.

My First Go At Ceramics My First Go At Ceramics 2<<< My work.

Triple Petal Square (2)Triple Petal Square (3)Triple Petal Square (1)Triple Petal Square (4) I worked with images from my sketchbook.

Bubble Leaf (3)Bubble Leaf (4)  Holy Teacup (2)  Marked Woman  Mixed Mark Half Fish

I’m glad we’re getting a chance to do some more pieces next week because I know where these pieces went wrong and I can fix them when they’re fired and also work on some new pieces without making as many mistakes!

Now i’m finishing reading “The Tipping Point” which is a good book but i’m way too sleepy to read right now…..zzzzz…..

Chloe out.