The Little (Dead) Mermaid introduction and 3D design drawings

22 Jul

Most (i’m hoping all of you!) will know the tale of The Little Mermaid, most likely from the animated Disney film, but hopefully some of you will also know the original Hans Christian Andersen tale as well (if not, read it here)….. it’s basically the same, but much darker and the ending is not so happy!

I’ve been rather obsessed with doodling bubbles for a while now…..

Bubble Painting (3)small Bubblessmall IMG_1108

Hence my logo (my favourite pattern to etch is the bubbles, so what else was my logo going to be!! plus it looks like beading too)!

…… and as The Little Mermaid is filled with bubbles i couldn’t think of a better story connection to my doodly mind. In paticular, this quote:

So I shall die,” said the little mermaid, “and as the foam of the sea I shall be driven about never again to hear the music of the waves, or to see the pretty flowers nor the red sun.

And that’s exactly what happens at the end… so you can see why i’ve re-titled it The Little (Dead) Mermaid!

I want the pieces i make to look like i’ve nipped down to the beach and literally scooped up a handful of dead mermaid…. morbid but pretty i’m thinking!!

This is also my chance to use a little bit of new technology! I want to combine my ideas for this with CAD drawings and 3D printing. Here are my design drawings that i’ve sent away to shapeways to get 3D printed into steel (why steel? well because it was rust when wet of course! running with the decaying dying mythical sea creature theme here!)…..

ScreenHunter_01 May. 08 15.49 ScreenHunter_02 May. 08 15.50 ScreenHunter_03 May. 08 15.50 ScreenHunter_04 May. 08 15.51


What do you think?

Chloe out.

New Designers next week!

21 Jun

I’m away on my train down to London this morning… i’m probably snoozing against the window as you read this… for New Designers!

If you’re in the London area, pop on over and visit stand J13 :)

No posts for a while, but i’ll have so much to catch you up on when i get back: more posts from the degree show, a few bits and pieces of ‘making of’ posts from Lexicon Creatures, graduation photos, and of course not forgetting lots of New Designers fun as well!

Here is one cheeky graduation pic for now!

See you on the other side!

Chloe out.

Moonwalking Catwoman & Rain-making Kelpies

9 Jun


After a bit of drunken dad dancing at The Paper Mill and hungover baking in the wonderful Scottish sun! The wonderful Sara Jane Woods transformed into Catwoman!!! and headed out in the rather dreary Edinburgh night to walk 13miles all in aid ofraising money to beat breast cancer.


10390239_10152078642112553_402895111937487429_n10418478_10152078645337553_7059734010521153093_n 10390555_10152476139296552_7890486005775758176_n


Congratulations catwoman!

Next year we’ll be there walking with you…. well… behind you! Not only did she walk 13 miles at midnight dressed as catwoman but managed it in about 3 hours!!

New York moonwalk next year i think………..




After our late night cheering on catwoman (ish) for our leisurely Sunday activity we decided to head out to Falkirk and visit The Kelpies.

If you’re reading this catwoman and hungover parents i read up a little on the story behind… well, why kelpies!

You can read the full artist statement here, but in brief Andy Scot has a connection with the area and his work often possesses an equine focus. He wanted to create art that reflected and i guess stood as a monument to the horses of the past who would work up and down the canal ways, and by creating them in (you were right Dad! laser cut) steel they capture the industrial feel.

I like his summing up points “As with all of my works, they will doubtless create many narratives and the original Kelpie myth will inevitably resurface.  The title will spark a mystical interpretation in many viewers.  That is up to the beholder and of course I welcome the engagement of the widest possible audience in the sculptures.   My intent however is built around a contemporary sculptural monument more than an ancient legend.

Because without knowing anything about them, other than their title, all i thought about was the myth of the kelpie. From far away they appear as horse heads, but from angles up close the true mythical qualities are unleashed. Standing beneath them you can’t help but feel the lure of the kelpie, I desparatley wanted to go inside one of the creatures (a wee tip before you go, book a guided tour and you can go inside one of them!); perhaps that would be my downfall, in the myth my desire to be lead inside would end in an icy drowning…… maybe that’s why we were battered with rain.

IMG_3429 (640x480) IMG_3434 (480x640) IMG_3435 (465x640) IMG_3436 (640x480) IMG_3437 (640x479) IMG_3438 (480x640) IMG_3439 (640x480) IMG_3440 (480x640) IMG_3443 (463x640) IMG_3445 (480x640) IMG_3446 (466x640) IMG_3447 (462x640) IMG_3448 (640x480) IMG_3449 (640x480) IMG_3451 (480x640) IMG_3455 (640x480)



Wonderful weekend, thanks guys :)

Chloe out.

Coin-Operated Boy Photoshoot

23 May

Last post was all about the bedside box, and before that you saw Coin-Operated Boy all silvered up….. now…… a little photoshoot ties it all together!

Coin-Operated Boy (1) Coin-Operated Boy (6)Coin-Operated Boy (2) Coin-Operated Boy (10)Coin-Operated Boy (3)    Coin-Operated Boy (7) Coin-Operated Boy (8)   Coin-Operated Boy (11) Coin-Operated Boy (12) Coin-Operated Boy (13) Coin-Operated Boy (19)Coin-Operated Boy (9)Coin-Operated Boy (16)Coin-Operated Boy (22) Coin-Operated Boy (15)Coin-Operated Boy (4)  Coin-Operated Boy (17) Coin-Operated Boy (18)  Coin-Operated Boy (20) Coin-Operated Boy (14)Coin-Operated Boy (21) Coin-Operated Boy (5)


 “A friend of mine sent me the song with a message attached saying something along the lines of “you’ll like this song, it’s about dildoes lol” Naturally intrigued, I listened. I giggled at the obvious sex toy connotations and tapped my foot along to the rhythm. It wasn’t until I had listened to it a few times that I realized what it was actually about: loneliness, heartbreak, frustration at being lonely, with undertones of self-loathing. That was something I could connect to.
The double entendre, and double meanings within Amanda Palmer’s writing style are why I fell in love with her music. She draws you in with amusement and a catchy tune and rips your heart out with raw human emotion.
I realized very early on that she was someone I was going to devote my musical heart to. Although this is a Dresden Dolls song, I was too late for them, my fanship developed around the time Amanda was launching her first solo album and Brian was in another band. But I bought everything they had ever produced and listened to it for hours on end. Then Who Killed Amanda Palmer? was released and she was due to play in Edinburgh. My first Amanda Palmer show.
Myself and a friend headed down to Cabaret Voltaire, and waited first in line; we were at the front of the stage. The stage was only a foot or two off the ground, we were at eye level, we were at reach out and touch level. Amanda had had her foot run over a few days before this show, she still played an amazing set with all the frills. I was amazed, most “rockstars” would probably cancel a show with a squished foot, but she played as if nothing was wrong. Glorious show. My friend asked if I wanted to meet her; yeah, she hangs out and hugs people after her shows. I watched her moving around the crowded room, hobbling from person to person, smiling genuinely, answering questions, signing cd’s, hugging and just being with people. It came to our turn, she signed my friend’s poster, I think I gave her some form of art (a drawing from my journal if I remember right). She hugged me for it, I don’t think I said anything intelligent back. It wasn’t until she was inches away from my face, arms around my neck I noticed her wince, I felt her put her full weight on me; her foot hurt, but she still worked a room of fans. Someone like this earned my music heart within seconds of a hug. 
Amanda Palmer I love you.
The Coin-Operated Boy vibrator container is what you see before you.
It is formed from my hand, and electroplated in smooth shining silver, tactile and glorious to touch and fondle. When I feel alone or sad, I touch things, anything, I run my fingers over things.
This piece sits inside its plush little box, a box for a bedside table. When you feel lonely you can take it out and hold in in your hand, run your fingers over its indents, or you can you use its contents.


What do you think?

Chloe out.

DJCAD Degree Show sneak peek!

21 May

The Degree Show started last Friday and continues to this Sunday, and so far it has been amazing!

Everyone’s comments on my work have been lovely, so thank you so much to everyone who has made it out.

I’m going to write up a full post, crammed full of jewled images, at the end of the show but for now i just wanted to thank all the lovely visitors who have made the show wonderful so far, and to remind you all it ends on Sunday! so come visit us before it’s too late!

Chloe (78) (640x427)

Chloe out.

Coin-Operated Boy bedside box.

21 May

If you’ve had a wee nosey at my previous posts about the making of Coin-Operated Boy you’ll have noticed that it isn’t quite jewellery! there is no brooch fitting, no neckchain, no stud, no ring shank… why?

Well, it’s a vibrator container of course!

Are you really gonna want to wear that around your neck round your nan’s house? at the shops? down the pub? out on a dog walk?

It belongs by your bedside. So naturally it needs a beautiful box to sit by your bedside in.

I popped along to my lovely local woodsmith; Tom Cooper.

After instructions for a darkish pinky red wooden box that would look great with baby pink satin and silver, Tom suggested using jarrah wood, as the heartwood is deep red in tone and lining it with a lighter, blonder elm wood. He took us round the outside of his workshop and showed us a huge flaky wooden post… I have to admit I wasn’t so sure what to think but I trusted his judgement. The reason this wood was looking a little under the weather is that jarrah wood is Australian and they have lots of restrictions on the export of their natural woods, making it hard to source. Luckily for me Tom managed to salvage this post, which was a remnant from the war and cleaned it up beautifully into my lovely little wooden vibrator container container.

Box (1) (640x428) Box (2) (640x428)


To give Coin-Operated Boy the opulence it deserves, i stitched up a little pink satin pillow to sit inside the box and trimmed it with rose quartz and pearls.

This is the first time i’ve ever made a pillow! so i thought i’d share my process with you:

I’ve chosen a powder pink colour for the pillow to match the babydoll worn by Amanda Palmer in this photograph of the Dresden Dolls from the Coin-Operated Boy video:

Step 1: measure out two rectangles, slightly bigger than the dimensions of the box (bigger, as when stuffing the pillow, the overall dimensions decrease slightly).


Pillow Process (2)


Step 2: cut the fabric as neatly as possible (silk is a bit of a pain to cut and stitch as it is slippery and moves about a lot).


Pillow Process (3) Pillow Process (4)


Step 3: pin together the two pieces of fabric. For this pillow i could pin them right side up as i would be beading around the edges, meaning the would be covered so i wouldn’t need to do the usual unfolding with this pillow.

Pillow Process (5)

Step 4: stitch along the two long sides and one short side of the fabric, pulling the pins out as you go.

Pillow Process (6)

Step 5: Stuff! and stitch up the remaining side. Ensure maximum floofyness.

Pillow Process (7)Pillow Process (8)


Step 6: stitch beads around outside edges of the pillow.

I’ve used rose quartz beads as the colour fits in beautifully with my pillow, but also due to their connections with love. I don’t believe in the powers behind stones, other than what we assign to them, but i think it’s nice to think about and it’s a nice attachment to have when considering what stones to pick out for certain pieces. Rose quartz is the symbol of the heart and undying love, which makes it wonderfully appropriate and bittersweet when you consider the idea of the pathetic loneliness and weeping heart of the person reaching out to grab Coin-Operated Boy off this pillow.

I’ve also added in a few natural saltwater pearls to break up the pink. Pearls have always had an erotic connotation, and one i wanted to bring into this piece when considering the masturbatory elements of it’s contents.

Pillow Process (12) Pillow Process (15)



Box (10) (640x428)Box (11) (640x428)Box (12) (640x428)Box (9) (640x428)

What do you think?

Chloe out.

Coin-Operated Boy back from the electroplaters.

18 May

DSC_0822 2 (483x640) DSC_0826 (469x640)

Sterling silver electroplated vibrator container!


Thanks BJS, it looks amazing!


Now i just need to finish it up and add a little gold leaf!

I painted the insides with a little gold paint first. Gold leaf takes on the textures and qualities of what it is applied to, so painting it first i was ensuring that it had fairly even coverage (the inside was where the wires were attached for electroplating and therefore a little jagged and uneven).

DSCF9646 DSCF9647

When the paint was dry, the glue was applied and left to dry for 10minutes (gold leafing glue takes hours to dry fully, and to apply you need to leave it for a while until it is tacky for the leaf to stick properly).


As i wanted a rough finished i used my gold leaf scraps rather than full sheets.


Application process!



I wanted a rough texture on the inside because i wanted the hole to literally look like it had been drilled into, so the gold leaf will look rough and flakey like the inside of a gold mine!

DSC_0830 (640x428)DSC_0824 (640x428)


Photos of the box and pillow making coming soon.

Chloe out.

Coin-Operated Boy Vibrator Container final model.

18 May

In the last post i showed you lots of images of my test models, well this time it’s the final model!

If you remember, i was trying to construct a locket form our of polymer clay… it wasn’t until my final test model that i had a little epiphany and changed my idea slightly. The locket, with hinges and clasp was ruining the overall effect of the piece as the hinges/clasp were never going to be truly invisible.

Instead…. we have a hole! Just a simple little slot for the vibrator to sit in comfortable, and if moulded correctly would sit in place and not slip out.

(yes i am aware that when taking about this piece everything i say is vaguely (or not so vaguely) euphemistic… get over it!)

It’s funny how the simplest conclusion takes such a while to realise!

Anyway, here are some images of the final model pre-electroplated:

DSC_0002 (640x428) DSC_0003 (640x428) DSC_0004 (640x428) DSC_0006 (640x428) DSC_0007 (640x428) DSC_0009 (640x428) DSC_0012 (640x428) DSC_0013 (640x428)

Stay tuned for the next post where it comes back all silver and shiny in all it’s electroplated awesomeness!

Chloe out.

Coin-Operated Boy Vibrator Container test models.

17 May

In my last post i introduced you to Coin-Operated Boy (Dildoes and Loneliness: And Introduction to Coin-Operated Boy) and in this post i’m one step closer to showing you my conclusion for this story piece.

Coin-Operated Boy on it’s surface presents itself as being about a dildo and when examined closer you see the loneliness and the heartbreak; this is the quality i want my piece to carry.

I’ve decided to construct a vibrator container.

On the surface it will represent the loneliness, it will be tactile and moulded to my touch; something to caress and run my fingers over when loneliness sets it’s fierce claws into my mind.

When i’m lonely i touch things. I run my fingers over my clothing, water bottles, my phone, my arms, anything within my reach. The need to touch is strong within the minds of the lonely, so creating something that screams to be touched is perfect in capturing the heart of this song.

Contained within this tactility will be a vibrator (in these samples that presents itself as a locket, but by my conclusion that changes a little).

These samples are all moulded using polymer clay, and i just want to give a little shout out to my wonderful Mum and Brother who helped me out with these! The day before i needed to get my model sent away to the electroplaters i injured my hand by rather stupidly trapping it in a door! it of course it was the hand i really needed! Thankfully my family was on hand to help my knead the clay…. otherwise i don’t think my wee injured hand would have been able to mould around the clay! So thank you so much guys!!! Much love!

DSC_0029 (640x428)DSC_0030 (640x429)Chloe Henderson (smallfile)

This was my first model, just a prototype to show my tutors what i was talking about.

I loved the shape of this one and tried to echo it within all of my pieces. It is quite obviously a mould of a hand, but the shape also resembles the shape of a heart.




DSC_0001 (640x428)DSC_0002 (640x428)DSC_0004 (640x428)

I loved the shape of this one, and it cut quite nicely and would have made an almost perfect seam when hinged… unfortunately i went through the clay when i was scooping out the inside part for the vibrator, and it was rather unfixable.


DSC_0034 (640x428) DSC_0035 (640x428)DSC_0037 (640x428)

The shape of this one was a little thin and flat, so i decided to use it and test out cutting it in the other direction. It was easier to cut this way, but the seam looked wrong and it was going to ruin the piece when hinged in this way.


DSC_0038 (640x428) DSC_0040 (640x428) DSC_0041 (640x428)

The shape of this one was beautiful, annoyingly i didn’t cook it for long enough and it was too crumbly and broke when cut.


DSC_0043 (640x428) DSC_0045 (640x428) DSC_0046 (640x428)

On the other end of the spectrum this one was cooked for too long and was really hard to cut and really brittle.


DSC_0058 (640x429) DSC_0059 (640x428) DSC_0057 (640x429)

This one was cooked for the perfect amount of time and it scooped out well, but the shape was too rectangular and not the beautiful heart-like shape that had appeared before.


DSC_0008 (640x429) DSC_0011 (640x428) DSC_0013 (640x428)

This was it, this was going to be the one! The shape was perfect, it moulded perfectly… but i decided to make one more, just in case!


DSC_0060 (640x428) DSC_0061 (640x428)DSC_0062 (640x428)

It glued itself back together when i cooked it again (after cutting the wet clay, i placed them back together to cook to ensure the locket would close flat when hinged)… but it didn’t matter, by that point i had had an epiphany! and decided to take this locket down a slightly different road…

…. tune into the next post to figure out where that road went!

Chloe out.


Mossycoat: The Making Of – Part 2

13 May

You might remember a good wee while ago I made Mossycoat.

You probably also remember that I wasn’t quite happy with what I made?

Well I made her again!

And she is awesome!

So, I thought I’d share with ya’ll how I made her (if you need to refresh your memory of part 1, visit this blog post).


Draw the pendant piece circles, which are a little larger than last time, and slightly thicker. The pendant needs to be a little heavier because the weight of the beads made the other one not sit quite right.


Saw out circles (I’ve kept the insides in because I used this opportunity to etch a sample for a Faery Wings piece).


Paint on etching fluid.



Scrape away etching fluid into awesome mossy pattern!






With the nitric acid way of etching, you need to constantly keep watch over it, and carefully wipe away air bubbles with a brush every minute or so to achieve an even etch.

This etch was quite deep, so was left in for about 20minutes.


Saw out inner circle.




Drill holes all the way around the outside and inside circles and clean up.


The discs where then sealed up in a bag and put to the side while I made the mossy pebbles (which will replace the little etched pieces of brass in the beaded chain).

Cut out nine rough pebble-like shapes.





And pickle.



Now the soft metal can be formed.

I use the traditional way because the metal takes up a rough shape and it gets dented and marked with the little imperfections in the hammer and the texture of the sandbag which is perfect for a natural look….. and hammering metal into shape is intensely satisfying!



Clean up and smooth the edges.




Punch holes all the way around the edges.



Drill holes!


And clean up.


Paint with etching fluid on both sides.


Etch! They are supposed to look like pebbles with moss growing over them.


Fire clean up pebbles to get rid of any excess etching fluid and give the brass an oxidised colour.



Rub back with sandpaper and steel wool to achieve a rough patina… like a pebble!


Seal pebbles in a bag and place to the side.

Now comes another disc shape (this one is replacing the jagged crown).

Fire metal with a variety of patinas, as well as a little silver solder, to create a mossy colour and texture.



Like so!


Draw circle shapes.


Saw out circles.




Drill holes around both edges and clean up back.



With all the metal elements complete it’s time to move onto the stitching!

First, melt little segments of the silk organza to create a torn texture.



Collect, clean and dry out moss.


Sew moss into pebbles with golden thread.



Sew moss between two slivers of heat-altered organza and sandwich between the brass discs with golden thread.


Stitch golden thread around mossy disc, covering the back with golden thread.



Lay out design. Cut out old metal elements, until only the beading remains.


Beading time!


Re-stitch various new elements into existing beading.




And……… you’ll just have to wait for the next post to see how it turned out :)

Chloe out.

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